Home Nursing In Egypt 2023

As days go on, many things change and take steps ahead; our daily ways and methods take a progressive jump due to massive digital transformation. Knowing that healthcare is no different, providing Domicile Care has been improved, developed, and turned upside down. In a matter of fact, healthcare hasn’t changed in concept obviously, but many updates took place on the way of providing.

For instance, a massive digital transformation that occurred around the globe has touched the healthcare industry in many ways, making it better and easier to reach. Now, you can get integrated home nursing through a mobile application, as easy as a button press.

Home nursing is now a leading solution for many healthcare issues, as it could face many health conditions in no time and high efficiency, as you can get a nurse at home who’s ready to offer all sorts of healthcare at home.

In fact, home nursing has been majored to cover almost every single detail of healthcare in general, not taking only one or two age ranges, but covering all the family members’ healthcare needs with whatever age.

Actually, 7keema is now providing many home nursing services that could offer the best for each family member, starting from newborn babies reaching up to the elderly.

Recently, it became easier to receive a provider at home to provide, home nursing in general, for the sake of providing healthcare to whom it may be mandatory.

Showing out how healthcare has been developed and reached many new avenues, it’s quite mandatory to dig in a little into the real concept of healthcare and home nursing, in general, to understand how it could be provided and notice the massive development that occurred.

For instance, home nursing has brought many healthcare facilities into our homes and made them more efficient. As a matter of statistics, it’s pretty obvious that when a caregiver provides for only one case, his efficiency will jump to its maximum. That’s how we can express home nursing in simple words: one provider to one patient, leading to even more powerful and efficient service.

Therefore, we tend to spread this article to discuss how healthcare had been developed until it reached 2023 and how home nursing could be the best option for integrated healthcare.

Home Nursing & healthcare

How Would Home Nursing provide healthcare?

No doubt, healthcare is one of the highest priorities for almost everybody, as it transmits a feeling of stability and contentment when there’s a trustable source to provide it. Accordingly, individuals are more likely to seek a trustworthy source of healthcare, even if it’s not needed at the time.

Not to mention how people seek to have the best services quality ever, as healthcare has always been a critical need to be provided that should not be underestimated.

In order to have a full image of how home nursing could be a trustworthy source of healthcare, let’s first get to know more about healthcare itself and what it represents.


What’s Meant By Healthcare?

In short words, we can express healthcare as a way to have any health needs in time and with the highest quality.

In fact, healthcare rolls around many services in particular, which we could mention as much as we can throughout the next lines.

–       Get medicines in time: one of the biggest purposes of healthcare is that every patient should receive the treatment he truly needs and receive it in time with no lateness.

–       Have access for injections and cannulas: as much as it seems related to the previous point, as much as it’s considered more critical when it comes to having an injection or installing a cannula. Obviously, this type of service should be maintained by specialists, which can handle providing any type of injections while avoiding many complications that could take place.

–       Get help from specialists: the core of healthcare is to have it from who’s really able to do so, which is affordable and could be provided by nursing teams with their different specialties and levels. On the other side, nursing teams can give immediate help for patients who need it, giving us a glance at how home nursing could be sometimes irreplaceable.

–       Necessary medical devices: it’s essential to have main medical devices and tools whenever needed, and healthcare cannot be provided unless these devices are available. In addition to a professional operating nursing team, who can use these devices as they should be.

–       Get suitable medical transportation: one of the main factors that play a major role through healthcare is to have a way of transportation that fits the patient condition. In fact, healthcare couldn’t be provided without such service. Basically, having an ambulance is essential for any case that requires transportation.

–       Elderly care on a daily basis: elderly care couldn’t be split from healthcare. It’s one of its main goals, through which the elderly should receive the best care and deal with their health conditions.

Healthcare is basically all the above and more, but for sure, it’s based on the availability and the easiness of providing.

Arousing the next question, how home nursing could provide these previous points, and how could be sufficient?

Answering these questions could be revealing how healthcare has been developed throughout the years.

Home Nursing Services

Home Nursing Services

When a home nursing service is offered, some would think it’s insufficient or couldn’t cover all healthcare needs, which could be true for once. Currently, home nursing services have been developed at a certain higher level, aiming to offer integrated healthcare at home and make it quite enough with no need to seek any external help.

While the world is facing a massive technological revolution, as everything is heading towards digital platforms, home nursing has also been included, and healthcare has changed a lot from its previous shape.

Nowadays, homenursing could be provided as easily as social media scrolling, as mobile applications have been made precisely to provide healthcare in no time. Accordingly, 7keema has launched a mobile application that easily offers all sorts of home nursing services.

7keema has provided many home nursing services through this application, starting from a whole service for newborn babies, reaching up for elderly service, and what in between.

On the other side, 7keema always makes sure to provide the right provider for the right service. As long as nurses vary in duties and abilities according to their levels and professions, 7keema has covered almost every nursing specialty to cover every healthcare need.

Basically, there’re three different nursing levels:

Specialist nurse: having a nursing bachelor’s degree and dealing with all kinds of injections and cannulas, in addition to many other duties that are only assigned to a specialist.

Technician nurse: having a nursing diploma for at least two years, with many similar duties to the specialist.

Nurse aid: no nursing-related study field, but with many years of experience, their duties mainly roll around the patient’s daily needs and activities with no medical intervention.

According to these nursing levels, 7keema is offering an exhaustive list of home nursing services, which we’re going to spread out in detail as follows.


–       Child & Mother care:

This home nursing service provides mandatory help for new mothers and their newborn babies. Post-baby delivery, the mother, would face many challenges and difficulties concerning time management and how to deal with a baby. Accordingly, 7keema offers a provider who helps deal in the right manner and allows the mother to get some rest.


Quick services


–       Quick services:

One service with many included, this service’s title holds behind all what matters to injections and cannula basically, as it provides a provider (specialist or technician nurse) who’s able to give an injection and install a cannula with no complications.

What’s worth mentioning is that wrong injection intake, or cannula installation would lead to many severe complications.

Through this home nursing service, a patient would be able to receive any kind of injections, including intermuscular, intravenous, or subcutaneous.


–       Urinary Catheter & Ryle:

As it could be signified as quick services complementary, this home nursing service is considered one of the most important during healthcare providing.

A catheter could be a very confidential and sensitive tool to be installed, not to mention how critical it could be needed and how providing it could be privacy breaching.

Therefore, 7keema has signified a special home nursing service to offer a urinary catheter installation and removal, provided by specialist nurses.

Also, a urinary catheter could lead to many complications and health problems if it was wrongly installed, requiring at least a specialist nurse to install it if not a doctor. You can get more information about catheter types and complications throughout this article.

On the other side, installing a Ryle could be mandatory for many cases to get enough nutrition elements, and it’s no different from the catheter, as specialist nurses should also install it to avoid any possible complications.

7keema had also included the Ryle installation service through its home nursing services to offer a safe and efficient quality of service seeking integrated healthcare.


  Wound care


–       Wound care:

Wounds are variable and have different shapes and depths, which should be maintained and get proper to heal with no infection.

Of course, 7keema didn’t miss to cover such healthcare needs, as a whole home nursing service had been launched to help patients out throughout the healing process.

Wound heal home nursing service includes each wound type, between which we can mention bedsores, diabetic foot, and post surgeries wounds.

Alternatively, a special medical device is provided by 7keema, vacuum, to be used to absorb any fluids from inside the wound to help heal quicker and safer.

The wound heal home nursing service from 7keema aims to provide the best healing experience away from any sort of infection.


–       Medical transportation:

To provide healthcare, whether it’s home nursing or not, 7keema offers an ambulance service through its comprehensive services selection.

Available in three categories, basic ambulance, equipped ambulance and equipped ambulance with a medical team.


–       Nursing Home shifts:

Through this home nursing service, 7keema aims to provide full healthcare to any patient regardless of their health condition or issue.

Home shifts are available to offer a provider all the time required, who can maintain any health need immediately.

In order to suit everyone’s needs, 7keema has crafted many packages to cover a certain amount of hours, reaching up to 24 hours a day if necessary.

In addition to many medical devices available to be rented to fulfill the patient’s requirements, such as oxygen generators, BIPAP, CPAP, nebulizer, monitor, and more.

Not to mention the medical bed service rental, which avails the patient to have a comfortable stay, with many flexible positions that fit any case.


Home Nursing For Elderly Care

Home Nursing For Elderly Care

To provide integrated healthcare, caring for the elderly couldn’t be missed.

In fact, elderly services could be essential for many families, as it could be painful for family members to feel helpless concerning providing suitable care for their parents and older ones.

Based on what, 7keema has launched a whole home nursing service to provide elderly services at home, offered by highly trained providers.

Obviously, elderly care could be a little bit complicated, as, along with the service, a provider would have to face many geriatric diseases, between which comes Alzheimer’s as the most critical condition.

Out of this point, 7keema ensures providing through the elderly home nursing service some highly trained provider to offer the physical, mental, and psychological support through all daily activities.

As well, 7keema ensures that the provider follows some tips and steps based on many scientific reasons, which help keep the patient in the best mental and physical state.

Usually, the provider would follow the following tips while providing elderly service:

–       provider would let the patient follow a certain daily routine.

–       Using some flexible tools while eating is a must so that the patient can provide for himself safely, of course under the provider surveillance. It’s highly recommended to use some unbreakable cuisine tools.

–       The provider would offer the patient options, whether concerning meals, clothes, or whatever, yet not more than 2 or 3 choices to avoid confusion and without one choice obligation.

–       Ensuring that the patient receives meals and nutrition elements that fit his health condition, as it’s more likely for the elderly to have many chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

–       The provider would only give help when it’s urgently needed; basically, a chance to act would be left for the patient to be more dependent.

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