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Get closer to your healthcare needs; it’s closer even than you think. An integrated nursing service will be coming to your doorstep for the sake of healthcare satisfaction. 7keema home nursing services offer you the best experience through:

–       Integrated nursing care at home

–       High-quality care

–       Experienced nursing staff

–       Personalized care

–       Saving time & effort

–       Cover up to 24 h

–       Ease of access

–       Customize your healthcare

–       All nursing levels & specialties

–       High technical support Maintenance  

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Quick Services

Your daily healthcare needs, injections, or cannula installation are not an issue anymore. It’s easier and quicker to ask 7keema for home nursing to get a specialized nurse to provide what you need.

7keema for home nursing services provide personal, therapeutic care (Intramuscular, intravenous, fluid transfusion, cannula) depending on the levels of nurses’ profession.

Elderly care

While aging, people would need special care and maintenance. Facing geriatric signs and diseases, people would ask for a specialist to provide for their needs.

At 7keema for home nursing, we provide personal, therapeutic, hygiene, and psychological care by supporting daily activities for patients depending on the level of nurses’ profession.


Obviously, a catheter is a very critical tool to be used. Which leads us by instinct to ask for help if it’s needed. On the other side, using a Ryle means that the patient is at the ICU.

However, 7keema for home nursing services provide highly-trained nurses depending on their professional level for installation and removal of urinary catheters and Ryle at home.

Home Shift

Post-surgery, recovering, or healing from any health condition, you would need a special treatment that requires a resident nurse.

7keema for home nursing provide therapeutic or personal care for patients and people with special needs up to 24 hrs. or 12 hrs. depending on the level of nurses’ profession.

Wound Care

Wounds would heal quicker, better, and healthier if they received the proper care. Keeping the wound clean and away from any infection would lead to full healing.

7keema for healthcare provide diabetic foot, bedsores, and postoperative wound care depending on the level of nurses’ profession.

Child Care

A newborn baby typically needs a lot of his mother’s attention, which could possibly disrupt the mother’s lifestyle. Child Care would help a mother to provide necessary care for the baby while helping the mother managing her life.

7keema for healthcare provide therapeutic, personal care for mothers, infants, and babies depending on the level of nurses’ profession.


Bones and joints should work together smoothly. Unfortunately, it could be affected negatively by aging or by being injured. Now, you can get a Physiotherapist at home easily with 7keema. We provide home care services regarding physical therapy. (Bones, nerves, elderly, kids, postcardiac processes)

Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Pediatric Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Post-surgeries Physiotherapy

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What Clients Say

“I asked for an elderly care service for my father, it was an excellent experience,

and I was really pleased to deal with you.”

Mohamed Rashad

“I was impressed that there’s a company specializing in home nursing that can care for the patient and provide him a service similar to an ICU at a high-rated hospital.”

Hisham Shaarawy

“Excellent service, I’ve been dealing with 7keema for home nursing more than a year now. Thank you very much.”

Mostafa Awad

“Overall it is a nice idea and very good I Just need you to provide more nurse aides in new cities.”

Sara Mostafa

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