Geriatric Diseases Life beyond the sixties

Aging is an inescapable part of life for both humans and other organisms.

So, the person starts leaving his youth days and then, starts Aging, in which a person gets weak and much more sensitive to diseases, which is defined as “Geriatric disease.”

Through it, his functions and bodily organs weaken, and he is unable to make the effort that he already did, and the aging suffering requires support, help, and special care.

We will learn about the lives of geriatric and how to deal with them.

Aging does not have an exact age at which it started.

Still, it is generally regarded to begin at 60 or more, depending on each patient’s details, lifestyle, and earlier behaviors.

It was also found that the proportion of female elderly is higher than the male elderly in our world.

The human is the first responsible for his future lifestyle and his aging process. And if he would live a better healthy life in this period.

You should follow these tips:

1-   You should practice any physical exercise since you were a child.

2-   Eat healthy food as much as possible.

3-   Quit smoking.

4-   Sleep & wake up early, do not sleep for a long time.

5-   Drink enough amounts of water.

To live a better life at aging.


most common aging diseases

What are the most common aging diseases facing geriatrics?

Geriatric diseases differ from person to person during this period. Depending on the lifestyle and habits which the patient used to have in the past.

1-   Heart diseases and blood vessels:

Heart disease is considered the most dangerous geriatric disease.

Which could cause heart attacks, Congestive heart, pulmonary embolism, lung disease, hardening and blockage of arteries, stroke, and high blood pressure.

For advice, ask to get help from home nursing; 7keema provides serval home nursing services that you need to care for aging people at home.

2-   Alzheimer:

It is considered one of the geriatric diseases.

It causes forgetfulness and memory problems, making them unable to remember some events and situations from the past.

Mainly, for people over 65 years, when geriatric diseases start to appear, it is required in some cases to get help from elderly care services or home nursing.

To know more about Alzheimer’s disease, you can read this article.

3-    Dementia:

So many people are mixing up Dementia with Alzheimer’s, while they are not the same.

Dementia is not a disease, while Alzheimer’s is.

Statistics reveal that Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of Dementia; up to 60 – 80 % of dementia cases are due to it.

It is when the patient starts to lose focus and maybe ask for a home nursing service, and if you want to know how to pick home nursing, check this article.

Patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia have the most need for facilities or elderly care. Also, home nursing services could be asked to help them out with daily activities. 

Which is a Geriatric disease.

It is estimated that the proportion of female elderly exposing to this disease is higher than the male’s.

The enuresis leads to losing control on urine output while sneezing or coughing.

That can affect the aging psychological condition, making them feel they’re unable to leave home.

5- Osteoporosis:
It is one of the most common Geriatric diseases.

You can get help from home nursing services to help at the ease of movement and provide all services you need

That can be caused by several reasons like:

1-Follow an unhealthy food system.

2-Hereditary reasons.

3- Low percentage of minerals and calcium for elderly.

4-Lack practice exercise.

5- Aging can make the bone more brittle.

So, you must eat healthy food since childhood.

Take calcium and minerals if it is low in your body.

You should practice any physical exercise.

6- Hearing impairment:

It is considered one of the geriatric diseases. Seniors could face through a geriatric stage some hearing impairment as a result of aging. And this is due to a defect in nerve cells or changes in the eardrum. You can ask for help from 7keema for home nursing services.

7- Low vision:

The elderly could face low vision in this phase because of aging.

Also, the senior who has diabetes is highly exposed to vision problems.

Aging could cause drooping of the upper eyelid, which prevents clear vision.

So for advice, ask to get help from a caregiver or home nursing from 7keema.

8- Diabetes:

Diabetes disease is considered the most dangerous, Life-threatening for patients in this stage.

You should never underestimate it, as it could lead to many complications, such as diabetic foot and other diseases.

To learn more about diabetic foot, you can read this article.

Sugar level will affect osteoporosis, poor vision, memory impairment, frequent falls, and more …


Also, the elderly facing these diseases, could ask for 7keema home nursing services regarding elderly care.


the pschological status

The psychological life for geriatric patients:

geriatric are facing several mental diseases at this stage like:

Depression, hallucinations, stress, and fear.

That can be caused by many health and biological factors.

They can suffer from loneliness and feel like they are a burden on their relatives and cannot help themselves.

These factors have the most impact on their mental wellness.

A geriatric through this phase could face a lot of pressure and obstacles, which could lead him to a deep depression and make him feel psychologically exhausted.

As they get the feeling that they are not able to blend in and participate in any kind of social activities. Moreover, they feel that they cannot follow up any conversation, which initiate the feeling that they are socially disconnected.

A geriatric would stay by himself for a long time that could stretch out to days, weeks, and months. And he would need just one thing: connect and talk with somebody and express his feelings.

Throughout this stage, a senior could lose the passion and desire of life, as he cannot practice his daily life activities normally.

Which rings a danger alarm, as these are the main signs of an extreme depression case, and maybe lead to some suicidal thoughts.

Therefore, seniors should receive a special care that suits their physical and psychological needs, to help them out living a normal life.


tips pschological issues

Tips to alleviate psychological issues at aging:

1- Visit a doctor continuously to check on the mental health of the patient.

2-Keep in touch with the geriatric constantly.

3- Keep a healthy weight, to avoid Obesity diseases

4-Activating the elderly’s brain cells and memory by making conversations and talking to him about his memories.

5- Taking medications on time

6-Preserving the elderly health from exposure to blood pressure.

7-Preserving the elderly personal hygiene.

8-Eating healthy food to save health

9-Make the elderly practicing exercises, like walking. It strengthens their muscles, keeps them safe from heart diseases and strokes, lessens the problems of depression.


10-Pay attention to his physical health and care from wounds like bed sources.

11-Dealing with the elderly with kindness and patience.

The aging people need through this period someone with experience to deal with them and provide all the nursing services they need.

So you can get help from 7keema for home nursing, as it could provide you elderly care at home by a professional nurse.

elderly care via home nursing

Elderly care via Home Nursing:

Home nursing plays an important role concerning elderly care at home.

It provides physical and mental health for the elderly by a trained and specialist nursing staff.

They need to understand and know the pathological case of the elderly and know what care they need.

Some Cases could need a long-term service from home nursing,  follow up the elderly health, make sure they are taking medications on time, and get help to do their daily activities.

In case of bedsores , 7keema provides “VACCUM” device.

This device is dedicated to heal wounds quicker by suctioning fluids, which could be used for bed sores, diabetic foot, and surgeries wounds.

It should be used by trained staff.

Home nursing also can provide medical devices and supplies at home if it is necessary.

Home Nursing primary role is to:

1- Supports the psychological and mental health of the elderly.

2- Helps through daily activities

3-Measures sugar levels and, blood pressure daily


Some cases need home nursing to check on general health, follow up on the pathological health, provide a quick service, considering their psychological health, and provide all needed care.

Home nursing is the safest way to provide elderly care throughout the corona pandemic is home nursing.

Nowadays, home nursing has reached a primary role regarding health, as it provides the same care that could be received in a hospital.

Now it is not necessary to go to the hospital to get the care they need. The situation is very worrying and no longer reassuring.

7keema for home nursing provides the elderly care at home with high quality.

It’s served by professional nurses who are trained to deal with them to consider their psychological health.

Also, 7keema could provide all medical devices and supplies and provide medical transportation if the patient’s health requires that.

Finally, that’s how life works, and this is a process that the human must go through.

We hope that all people keep their health safe since their youth time, to have greater and better health in the future.


We hope to understand the life of elderly care, learn how to deal with them, be aware of their psychological status, understand what they go through, try to help them, give them the place they deserve and deal with them gently, softly and patiently.

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