How To Request 7keema

Cut distances short between you and credible healthcare service, bring a hospital to your home by downloading 7keema.

7keema is your easy access to get home nursing services.

Download 7keema mobile app from the following these links:

Get full healthcare services at home!

Pick the service that fits your need:

  • Quick services.
  • Elderly care.
  • Catheter/Ryle
  • Home shifts.
  • Wound care.
  • Child care.

Ask for a…

Specialist Nurse, Technician Nurse, or a Nurse Aid.

Specialist Nurse or Technician Nurse: Which you’ll receive when asking for Quick services, Catheter/Ryle, Home shifts, VR vaccination, and Rental medical devices, according to the patient needs.

Nurse Aid: not authorized to deal with cannulas or injections, which you’ll receive while asking for elderly care service, according to the patient needs.

Track Provider:

Request immediately or schedule an appointment for later.

Track where your provider is, and get ready to receive your service at home.

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