Elderly Care At Home, Everyday Story

Seven o’clock dings, Mr Samir, wake up to go on with his daily routine; he’s aware of his daily challenges and what he could be facing along his day. It’s not like he’s going into a great adventure where many risks should be taken, but it’s just a pretty normal day for an aged man, yet full of obstacles. Since his retirement, Mr Samir has used to stay alone for many hours, maybe days, coming along with many geriatric signs and diseases that prevent him from having an easy-going life. Which has led many of his family members to ask for a home nursing service that offers an elderly sitter to maintain his needs.

In fact, Mr Samir is not quite used to receiving help from an outsider, but there’s nothing better to do due to everyone’s concerns and responsibilities. Actually, he didn’t find it uncomfortable. He ordered an elderly care service from 7keema, where providers are highly trained to deal with whatever case, yet respecting the patient’s privacy and rules.

Accordingly, home care was offering a magical solution for Mr Samir and his family as well. As he got someone to stay with him and provide him with his daily needs while his family members are at their work, reassuring him, he’s in good hands.

No doubt Mr Samir has found a better life due to a professional elderly sitter provided by 7keema for home nursing services, in addition to less lonely times and better quality of primary needs fulfilment. Not to mention many good times when laughter and joy returned to his face and touched his feelings.

Obviously, elderly sitter duties start right after the patient wakes up and keep on going all over the day, intervening in almost every activity. Home nursing covers all the patient’s life aspects to guarantee perfect elderly care.

That’s why it’s a story lived every day, where home nursing could be a plot twist taking it to a better place. Elderly care is actually a whole service that aims to provide the best for our old people without changing their way or place of living.

So here’s what home nursing can do, including the elderly sitter main duties and tasks.


How To Care for the Elderly


How To Care for the Elderly?

Home Elderly Care, What Recurs Daily

Once Mr Samir is awake, many needs start to arouse one after another.

Using the Restroom

First, Mr Samir would normally head to the restroom before doing anything. In his case, this activity couldn’t be underestimated. Mr Samir could be suffering from knee osteoarthritis or joint arthritis in general that would prevent him from moving around normally, even if it’s an as simple activity as using the bathroom.

In fact, the home nursing service that’s meant to provide an elderly sitter at home allows Mr Samir to do such activity easily and smoothly.

The elderly sitter should provide such help to the patient, overcoming any sort of embarrassment in a professional and adequate manner, yet respecting the patient’s privacy.

Eating Meals

Second, Mr Samir would require having a good healthy meal for breakfast. As a matter of fact, this could be more challenging than how it sounds, as the eating process would require much more focus than the elderly would have.

For instance, older people would face many problems during meals time concerning how they could do it themselves. It’s more likely to have an unstable mental state, whether due to dementia or geriatric signs in general, which could form an obstacle against having meals normally.

On the other side, many chronic diseases are more likely to occur during such stages, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity, which require having a certain sort of nutrition system to guarantee a healthy life.

Accordingly, the elderly sitter is making sure that the patient receives his meal in time and helping them out through the eating if it’s needed, not to mention the necessity of assuring that the meals are rich in useful nutrition elements.


Physical Activity


Physical Activity

Third, Mr Samir would proceed with his normal lifestyle, seeking to spend a different day away from his bed and bedroom, exerting different sorts of activities that would keep him feeling better.

Obviously, the home nursing service concerning elderly care doesn’t mean that the old one should be bed seated. Otherwise, it could be leading to many more issues, where bedsores come on top. The elderly sitter is not meant to replace the patient, just help him through his daily tasks.

In fact, home nursing rolls around providing a healthy environment for the elderly at home so that they can act and live properly. Moreover, it’s pretty important for any human to have daily physical activity, which improves blood circulation efficiency and positively reflects his mental state.

As we mentioned, being bed seated all the time would subject Mr Samir to develop bedsores. These sores are due to pressure put on certain weak spots around the skin, such as the back of arms and legs, for a long time without moving. Alternatively, the risk is directly linked to body weight, pointing to how mandatory it’s to avoid obesity and stick to healthy meals.

Meanwhile, physical activity is the primary factor in controlling blood pressure and sugar levels within healthy limits.

Therefore, the elderly sitter is responsible for inserting many physical activities along the day, which could be provided by some workouts and training customized to fit the elderly physical state.

On the other side, home nursing plays a huge role in bedsore prevention through the elderly care service.


Psychological Support

Fourth, Mr Samir spends most of the time by himself, so many hours could go by before someone gives him a visit or check-in, which normally happens due to life concerns, jobs, family, kids, and much more to mention. The constant feeling of loneliness would possibly lead to depression in the long run.

Home nursing aims to provide a stable environment where the patient would feel mentally sane and stable. The elderly sitter should behave accordingly and give the patient the impression of being connected, heard, and maintained.

It’s mandatory for the elderly sitter to handle conversations, listen carefully to what the elderly are saying, show respect, let them express their feelings, and above all, treat them with empathy.

It’s also recommended that the patient exert his favorite activities, whether reading, writing, listening to music, watching a movie, or whatever.


What's an Elderly Sitter Job


What’s an Elderly Sitter Job? What Does an Elderly Sitter Do?

Despite that Mr Samir faces these challenges daily, he found the proper help through a home nursing service specialized in elderly care.

Mr Samir had got an Elderly sitter, who provided him with the necessary help along his day, maintaining his physical and mental needs.

So, what are the elderly sitter duties?

Before just sending an elderly sitter to offer help, an assessment should take place to estimate what the patient would need, as a higher nursing level could be needed in critical and severe cases.

Normally, a home nursing service would provide an elderly sitter to maintain the required tasks, which could be mentioned as follows:

–        Sleeping and waking up adjusting: the patient must receive enough amounts of sleep daily, and it’s always better to fix certain timings for both and stick to them.

–        Hygiene: one of many main jobs for an elderly sitter during a home nursing service is to maintain the patient personnel hygiene, as it could be challenging for the elderly to achieve such a purpose, as much as it could be dangerous. Therefore, accompanying the patient during bath time would be mandatory in some cases to avoid any accident that could lead to a serious injury, especially for those who have osteoporosis.

–        Keep medicines timings: it’s pretty normal that the elderly receive many medicines and drugs along their days to face and control many chronic diseases and geriatric signs. It’s quite essential to take the pill on time without any delay, which’s one of the main elderly sitter jobs.

–        Provide mental support: home nursing would help keep the patient busy and entertained, which would prevent depression and reflects on health in general. An elderly sitter could help the patient to have a stable state of mind.

From its side, 7keema provides many home nursing services, between which comes the elderly care service as one of the most important and essential services.

7keema has provided Mr Samir with an elderly sitter, improving his lifestyle and leading him into a better and healthier state.

Moreover, 7keema is actually offering many more home nursing services that could be integrated to provide the best healthcare for any patient, such as the wound care service that could maintain any sort of wound, including diabetic foot and bedsores.

In addition to many quick services that are meant to facilitate the how of receiving an intermuscular injection or installing a cannula, and many more services to mention.


Home Nursing For Alzheimer's Patients


Home Nursing For Alzheimer’s Patients

In other stories, Mr Samir was an Alzheimer’s patient.

He wakes up every morning feeling confused, not having a clue about what he should do now or what’s the next step he should take. His memory becomes more chaotic, and his focus is almost always distracted. Faces aren’t familiar anymore; he’s going into his virtual world, which’s a mystery for scientists and doctors till this moment.

Mr Samir is not able anymore to live by himself and provide his essential needs, and he’s more likely to need someone by his side to help out through daily activities.

In fact, the family could be helpless to provide him with the life he deserves, not only because of daily jobs and occupations but also due to the special treatment needed for an Alzheimer’s patient that would require professional intervention.

Home nursing has been providing a massive opportunity to solve such issues. Mr Samir’s family had provided him with an elderly sitter staying with him all over the daytime, and this elderly sitter is capable enough to give what’s needed.

Obviously, the home nursing service for Alzheimer’s patients is not quite different from the main one for the elderly in general. However, it might be more significant and specialized.

As a matter of fact, this specialized home nursing service follows a certain methodology in order to keep the patient safe, secured, and well taken care of. Not to mention how the elderly sitter is putting a lot of effort to prevent any possible danger due to low focus ability and hallucination, which will happen at a certain stage of the disease.

Elderly sitter for Alzheimer’s patients would be quite similar with some differences; according to the methodology followed while providing such home nursing service, an elderly sitter job would be going as follows:

–       Create a daily routine: the elderly sitter would make sure the patient has a routine to follow every day. In fact, the elderly do not desire changes, and it’s better for them to do the same things daily. It could be more helpful for them to stay focused. During home nursing service, the elderly sitter would ensure that this routine keeps going no matter what.

–        Provide choices: the elderly care service doesn’t mean that the patient hasn’t something to do. Actually, the patient should have a part to share duties; the elderly sitter is not replacing them, just helping when it’s most needed.

–        Help when it’s needed: the elderly sitter is not meant to do everything all the time. As a matter of fact, the help is only provided when the patient struggles to do any task by himself. The elderly sitter would encourage the patient to be self-dependent while being ready to intervene whenever needed.


Dealing with Hallucinations


Dealing with Hallucinations

Due to Alzheimer’s symptoms development, Mr Samir gradually loses the sense of reality. He goes through many imaginary stories that exist only in his imagination that should deceive him into many risks.

One day, he intended to leave home without acknowledging anyone, heading to an unknown destination, only stopped when a neighbour who knew Mr Samir case spotted him on the street, as he convinced him to stay until one of his family members arrived.

This is one of the ways of dealing with an Alzheimer’s patient; the elderly sitter should be contacting neighbours and explaining how the patient is suffering, and ask them at least to stop him and call for someone during any similar condition.

In addition to many more precautions and measurements that should be followed to make the patient’s life better and safer, between which we can mention the following:

–        Store any sharp tools in unreachable locations.

–        Keep any flammable material inaccessible.

–        Move out any piece of furniture that could be an obstacle for the patient.

–        Install door locks on bedrooms to prevent the patient from moving around unconsciously during nighttime.

–        Install a brand new door lock on the main house portal that the patient didn’t use.

–        Using some practical dishes and kitchen tools to prevent any injury.

–        Using some helping tools in the bathroom to prevent slipping and fatal accidents.


What's Meant By Home Elderly Care


What’s Meant By Home Elderly Care? What is the Meaning of Home Nursing?

For instance, Mr Samir’s story is a familiar story that rolls inside many homes, where families feel helpless to give proper care for their elderly.

In conclusion, home nursing is making it easier, better, and even more efficient, aiming to cover all the elderly needs and ensure their safety and security.

On its side, 7keema tends to add some brighter lines to this story by providing an elderly sitter who’s capable of giving the right and proper care. Not to mention how easy it’s to reach and order such a home nursing service through a mobile application.

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