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Healthcare has many ways to improve every day and get more advanced. Due to the massive digital revolution rising all over the world, the healthcare field is included. Currently, home nursing provides more accessible yet efficient healthcare at home without any frustration, accessible through 7keema mobile application.

7keema home nursing application has made it as simple as scrolling a social media application, and only instead of wasting time you can get a highly trained nurse at home, ready to offer healthcare.

In fact, you can order a whole pack of nursing services, starting from a nurse for an injection, reaching up to entire home shifts that provide integrated care at home. Only a button press away.

In order to have the highest service’s quality, 7keema only deals with highly experienced nurses, where professionalism and accuracy are guaranteed. Moreover, the 7keema home nursing application allows the user to select the suitable service provider level. We can choose between a specialist nurse, technician, or nurse aide.

One service, in particular, has a more significant effect and more attention, which’s the elderly care, out of the increasing need to have someone trained and ready to provide what the elderly would need in their daily life, without any negative impact on their mental state.

Home nursing services are many and could be integrated into a complete healthcare service at home. 7keema aims to make it easy, accessible, and efficient to ask for care; you can enrol many services through the 7keema home nursing application.


7keema home nursing services


Home Nursing Services By 7keema:

It’s here for all family members; 7keema has a different services variety that suits every member, whatever was their age—starting from newborn babies, reaching up to elderly. Not to mention its prominent role during the Covid-19 outbreak, as home nursing has been reformed to offer patients safe and efficient home isolation while saving their families from getting the infection.

Between 7keema’s home nursing services, we can mention the following:

–        Quick Services:

It’s called quick as it doesn’t take a lot of time to be provided, though it requires a specialist to have it.

In fact, injections and cannulas could have a more profound effect than we can imagine if it’s done wrong, that’s why it’s mandatory to have a nurse specialist for such needs, and it shouldn’t be underestimated.

–        Catheter Installation & Removal:

Similar to quick services, a catheter requires a specialist as well. Obviously, it’s one of the most critical medical tools, as it could lead to some even more complicated complications if something is wrong.

You can now ask for a specialist nurse through the 7keema application at home without any problem.

–        Child Care:

This service touches a newborn baby’s early life while taking care of a new mother right after delivery. Maternity could be challenging and surprising at the beginning, which could require high time management skills.

Asking for such a home nursing service could help the mother care for her newborn baby and give her enough time to care for herself and have quality time.

–        Home Shifts:

One of the primary home nursing services provides total healthcare that suits any patient’s needs.

It rolls around providing a staying nurse at home, trained to deal with any health care, and applying a doctor treatment plan.


wound care


–        Wound Care:

In fact, wounds are variable and could require different types of care.

7keema provides an effective home nursing service to give the best care for the wound to heal properly. This service includes care for bed sores, diabetic foot, post-surgical wounds, and more.

–        Home Elderly Care:

Taking a high priority between all 7keema home nursing services, aiming to offer older people a better healthy life. Ageing doesn’t mean stopping having an everyday life and keeping doing different activities, and it only means that maybe asking for help could be efficient.

Moreover, it’s no longer required to go far from family to receive that help; it could be provided by one of 7keema’s elderly sitters. This provider considers what rolls around the elderly life and makes sure they have what they need.

–        Medical Devices Rental:

Through the 7keema home nursing application, you can reach many essential medical devices to rent.

It makes it easier and more efficient to receive the healthcare needed at home, as it’s available to have BIPAP, CPAP, Oxygen generator, Vacuum, or more.

–        Medical Transport:

Not getting enough, 7keema saw a bigger need that had to be covered, talking about having a suitable way of transport for patients with some critical cases, needing an equipped ambulance car to make the trip smooth and comfortable.


Aiming to be the first and the most straightforward choice whenever healthcare is needed, 7keema makes home nursing more powerful to cover everyone’s needs. Giving extra attention to the elderly care service is highly important to such service for every family.

Therefore, we’re going to spread out the elderly care service specifications and what it can do to learn more about how it works.


home elderly care


Home Elderly Care

Family always comes first; from everyone’s perspective, we can visualise the massive need to have easy access to healthcare. On a basic standard, the elderly are the most members in any family who need specialised care periodically. Home nursing is coming with a great solution to cover such needs provided by the elderly care.

From its side, 7keema aims to provide them with the proper care to keep their family position intact. Knowing that elderly care home nursing service includes physical and mental care, not to mention the help offered throughout the day concerning different activities.

The elderly care from 7keema deals with the phase signs, the phase known by the geriatric phase, and accordingly, the proper care is provided at the right time.

For instance, after stepping over the age of 65, many signs and symptoms start to develop, causing many health problems that could prevent the patient from having an everyday life as he used to have.

Moreover, many more chronic diseases risk increases evidently and could be leading to complications.

Out of these points, let’s first get a complete image of such a phase and know more about the challenges facing any human while exceeding the age of 65.


Geriatric phase


Geriatric Phase

The geriatric phase is when body cells start to have a low reproduction rate, leading to many signs accordingly. It’s when skin, organs, bones, and brain are affected due to lack of young cells if we can say that in simple words.

Accordingly, many body’s tissues are not regenerated as they should do, leading to the following signs and symptoms:

–        Arthritis and difficulties walking or moving.

–        Dementia and low focus ability.

–        Low body’s organs efficiency.

–        Being more subjected to the risk of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and more.

–        The increasing risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

All these symptoms and signs combined could normally lead to many troubles concerning the elderly’s life. Arousing many difficulties that affect their normal daily life. Between which we can mention:

–        Difficulties moving.

–        Low focus ability.

–        Low ability to provide self-hygiene.

–        Difficulties in providing healthy meals on a daily basis.

–        Difficulties concerning using the bathroom.

In addition to many more psychological consequences, mental instability and severe mood swings could prevent facing the geriatric phase correctly.

Alternatively, home nursing service would be putting the mental and psychological state on top of its priorities. Providing an elderly care service could be helpful in too many ways, not only physical care and support.

For instance, the elderly could face many mental issues during such period, between which we can mention the following:

–        Incapability

–        Feeling lonely and able to connect with others.

–        Driven into a depression state.

–        Chronic anxiety.

–        Losing self-dependence.

Launching from these needs, an elderly care service could offer optimum containment and support to give proper maintenance. Home nursing always aims to provide complete care, considering every detail and need.

From 7keema’s perspective, service, high quality and efficiency are always guaranteed, out of 7keema’s staff selection. To ensure a high home nursing service quality, providers are chosen according to their broad experience and high competence.

The elderly care provided by 7keema is meant to cover every single need, whether physical or mental. Knowing that it could be challenging for the elderly, our providers consider any matter that could raise the risk of going into depression or any other mental disorders.

Elderly care is a complicated form of home nursing services, as it combines many types of healthcare services into one integrated service.

Therefore, we’re going to dedicate the following part to explaining what an elderly care service could do exactly and how far it could be sufficient.


home elderly care services


Elderly Care at Home Services

Elderly Care is a huge title that is followed by many kinds of services, all combined to reach a particular goal, which’s giving our old people the life they deserve, without needing to leave their homes and families to receive proper care.

Basically, elderly care is a home nursing service that’s provided by a caregiver, who mainly stays with the patient for a set number of hours daily according to the patient’s needs. However, some conditions would require a certain level of proficiency; for example, a specialist nurse would be required if the patient needs any kind of injections or cannulas, while a nurse aid could be enough during all-day activities.

Out of these points, we will spread out the elderly care services provided by home nursing in detail.

Elderly Sitter:

It’s the base from which goes out any elderly care service, and it rolls around providing a staying service provider with the patient to help during different daily activities.

Leading Elderly sitter roles could be mentioned as follows:

  • Patient’s hygiene: ageing would prevent many activities, such as providing self-hygiene, making it one of the prominent elderly sitter roles.

–        Give a hand while moving: unlike how it sounds, it’s one of the essential roles a care provider could give during a home nursing service.

–        Making sure they’re having their medicines in time.

–        Making sure they’re having healthy meals.

–        Give mental and psychological support to prevent any mental relapse.

–        Respecting the patient free will, which could be provided through many steps that you could find within this article.

–        Trying to keep things as they used to be, letting the patient practice his daily life routine.


Alzheimer’s care provider


Elderly Sitter for Alzheimer’s Patients

Quite similar, quite different.

For instance, Alzheimer’s disease would lead to many more issues concerning daily life, requiring much more attention and observation.

In fact, an Alzheimer’s patient wouldn’t be really focusing on his daily duties or his daily routine. Moreover, he should be tracked all the time to prevent many incidents that could occur caused by himself.

Hallucinations and illusions are actually taking a big part in such service. Therefore, home nursing is considering many safety measurements to maintain such consequences.

This article shows how an elderly care provider should deal with an Alzheimer’s patient through many steps that should be followed during a home nursing service.

Home Shifts

While it’s quite a home nursing service suitable for different ages and health cases, but it could be helpful during elderly care. The professional nursing staff is hired to give integrated care to patients at home, similar to what could be received at a hospital.

Accordingly, 7keema provides some high trained nurses and staff through this home nursing service to guarantee high-quality care.

It’s suitable for post-surgical healing or health conditions, making it an ideal solution for the elderly.


Integrated Elderly Care at Home


An Integrated Elderly Care at Home

7keema is a home nursing platform where you can easily find many healthcare needs. Based on the patient needs, 7keema has developed the elderly care home nursing service to cover a significant need existing between our families.

In addition to many home nursing services available, whether by themselves or to be integrated with the elderly care service.

7keema’s home nursing services vary between:

–        Quick service: for injections and cannulas installing.

–        Catheter installation and removal: making more straightforward daily and more accessible without any complications.

–        Wound care: helping out many types of wounds to heal, like bedsores and diabetic foot.

–        Physiotherapy: out of home nursing, 7keema comes out with the physiotherapy service at home.

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