Home Elderly Care, No Sweeter Than Home
Our family comes on the top of our priorities, which puts every individual as a source of care for others; meanwhile he receives the same from them.
Home had always been where a family gets to feel safe, secure, and at peace; it’s where family members get to gather, interact, and make memories together. That’s why home is a bright symbol of comfort and security.
Out of this point, we get to recognize how important and how precious our homes are. It’s not just some walls and doors that look us in; it has a deeper meaning and purpose that makes us feel grateful for such a blessing.
A worthy question pops on, which says, “where could someone head when he feels tired or ill? Always the answer will be home.
So let us imagine how it goes for the elderly, these people who managed to live a long life, full of success and experiences, now they have to ask for help to live every day and healthy life. They used to spend a long time in their homes, and it’s better yet for them to stay.
A human body is subjected to the geriatric phase while aging, a lot of symptoms and diseases would take place. Through this phase, using home nursing would be highly recommended. If you’re interested to know more about the geriatric phase, you can check this article.
On the bright side, elderly care at home could be the most suitable choice and solution for such cases, using home nursing services to provide the proper care.


home nursing to Elderly Care


Home Nursing for Elderly Care

 Offering elderly care at home would ask for several home nursing services, as it has two different sides to cover; basically, it’s what concerns physical health. However, it has a psychological side that has to be contained.
So let’s discuss the role of home nursing concerning elderly care:

Physical Healthcare:

 Keep the senior’s activity up:
Home nursing helps keep the senior active all day long, it only gives help, but still, the senior has to do his daily activities by himself.
In general, it’s always recommended to be active; it helps a lot to have a healthy body and healthy blood circulation.
Moreover, home nursing would help a senior to practice some exercises that suit his health condition. Getting a 30 minutes sport session daily; would make an obvious difference.
Home nursing would help through all the senior activities, whether to fulfill his basic needs or to practice some sport.


Keep the medicines timings:
It’s more likely for seniors to suffer from timing disorder, especially those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. If you want to know more about Alzheimer’s disease, you can read this article.   
A home nurse would have this primary responsibility as a priority; he must make sure that all medicines are available in time and that the senior has received them properly.


Keep a healthy nutrition system:
Our food intake plays a significant role in our health conditions.
While offering elderly care, a provider should make sure that the senior receives meals all day long that would be rich in valuable vitamins and proteins; meals should be full of vegetables and fruits to provide fibers.
Our nutrition system would be the leading cause of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.
You can check these articles concerning diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, and high blood pressure to fully understand these diseases and their complications.


Keep personal hygiene:
One of the main jobs concerning home nursing while providing care to the elderly is taking care of the senior’s hygiene.
Usually, this is the hardest part of the job, though it’s essential. It would forbid a lot of health conditions and skin diseases.
Especially for those who cannot move around frequently are more likely to get bed sores.
Home nursing could be a perfect solution to provide such a thing for a senior without any problem.


Moving around:
Movement could be a huge challenge for the elderly, even if it’s around home. It could be risky for their own safety if they are struggling.
Moreover, home nursing would encourage a senior to keep moving around and help him through any physical activity, which is something irreplaceable.


Monitoring vital functions:
A senior’s privilege while receiving a home nursing service is always updated with his body’s vital functions.
A home nurse would keep measuring the senior’s blood pressure and sugar blood levels periodically. Typically, that would prevent any complications and be considered safer.


Corona Virus Prevention:
Due to the Corona Virus rolling around nowadays, it’s considered a massive risk for the elderly.
Corona Virus could cause massive complications for seniors especially, and they could get infected if they go to a hospital to receive any help or go out in general for any reason.
Home nursing would be a safe zone for seniors that helps them not get infected by the coronavirus. It decreases the possibility of the senior being in contact with any coronavirus patient.
And on the same track of the corona Virus, get the full image of any other contagious disease.


elderly psychological

Elderly Psychological Care:

Home nursing for seniors doesn’t stop here; another role is no less important, keeping the senior in good psychological health condition.
A senior would face so many challenges throughout the geriatric phase that could keep him low, desperate, or uncomfortable.
The thing is, he’s not able to do what he used to do before; there’s a huge change happened to his daily routine, which could lead to the feeling of inability.
Therefore, home nursing is meant to maintain such problems by the following tips:
Give respect:
It’s essential for any human being to feel respected all the time; the problem develops when the senior’s surroundings start to treat him as a child or an incapable, forgetting all the senior’s history, success, and life experience.
Usually, the family is the first responsible for maintaining such problem, but also home nursing would participate.
The service provider would always respect the senior he’s dealing with and treat him normally with the mindset of giving help, not guiding his whole life.


Someone listens:
Humans are social creatures; we need always to be in contact, talk, listen, and share thoughts and feelings. This could be a huge challenge facing any senior, maybe his family is occupied with work and their own matters, but he still needs someone to speak to.
Even though it’s a family thing to do, home nursing would help it also; a service provider would give a senior the space to speak and reveal and try to share any subject to discuss in general.


The privilege of choosing:
Home nursing would let the senior choose, whether for his meal, what to wear today, or what to do during his time.
This is meant to make him feel he’s capable of doing things and making decisions.


feeling independence


The Feeling of Independence:

As we said, a senior used to be an independent individual who led and did things. He’s not used to following and be guided.
That’s why it’s vital to keep this feeling up, which is provided through home nursing.
Elderly homes may be a choice sometimes, but they could not let seniors feel independence at all, while a home nurse is a one-to-one situation where a senior could be himself and do what he wants to do.
The Geriatric phase doesn’t mean that life is stopped, not at all; it only means that this human being could just need some help to proceed with his normal life, not change it.


Home Nursing Facing Resistance

It’s widespread to receive resistance when trying to offer help for a senior as if he found it humiliating, or maybe he’s just still denying that he needs it.
Home nursing would help it out, as the service provider is meant to maintain and be patient, always trying to convince the senior that he’s just giving a little hand of help, nothing more.
Always keep in mind that it could be challenging, but we have all the time we need.


always between his family


Always Between His Family

The highest privilege home nursing would give is that family is always has a part of doing.
While receiving this service at home, a family can visit anytime, be in actual contact and let the senior feels that nothing changed.
Moreover, the senior himself would have the privilege of contacting his relatives, beloved ones, and friends anytime he wants.
There’re no fixed times for visits; a family member is always welcomed to come and visit.
For instance, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s safer to limit whom the senior would contact, guaranteed through home nursing.
Seniors always have a great place in our hearts; they are our fathers and mothers who used to give us care and love all over their lives.
Providing them with the proper care would be a little thank you, which is still not enough.
Finally, Hakeema for home nursing (7keema) could provide elderly care services through different packages and advanced techniques.
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