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The best way to get some rest is to lay down for a while, get some sleep and have sweet dreams. Though, the same acts and actions lead to a very critical condition if it is overused. Bedsores are quite critical, caused due to putting pressure for long times over skin, which mainly occurs by laying down for a long time without any movement. In contrast, home nursing is always providing a beneficial solution.

In fact, bedsores are happening due to a long-term illness that requires laying down for so long or preventing moving more frequently. Under any condition, having bedsores is something huge and critical. It shouldn’t be underestimated or neglected, as it could lead to many hard and severe complications.

From its side, 7keema is maintaining such a case through its several home nursing services.

For instance, lying down for a long time puts pressure on the skin, especially around the parts with low muscles and fat density, that’s why bedsores are also called pressure ulcers. These ulcers mostly appear around the knees, ankles, elbows, and lower back.

Bedsores cure depends basically on the sore severity, as the earliest it could be diagnosed and treated, the better to be cured. Out of facts, we should highlight the reality of what bedsore could do. To be honest, death is on the table and possible if it’s not maintained correctly and efficiently.

However, the cure is possible, and maintenance is available; 7keema for home nursing is actually providing an entire pack of healthcare services at home and with high efficiency. Many home nursing is available to cover the healthcare need of the whole family, between which comes the wound care service that can help different kinds of wound healing, such as post-surgical wounds, diabetic foot, and of course, bedsores.

Out of its criticality, we decided to spread out this article to discuss what concerns bedsore from symptoms, causes, complications, and treatment.


Bedsores Causes


Bedsores Causes

Basically, bedsores are due to low blood flow reaching out skin tissues after putting pressure on a specific spot for a long time. Some studies have revealed that bedsore could be composed after 2 or 3 hours of constant pressure over the skin, which is a consequence of many reasons, between which we can mention the following:

–        Constant pressure on a particular spot, whether due to sitting or laying down for a long time with one position without moving. The low blood flow reaching the skin leads to a lack of oxygen and nutritional elements into skin cells, leading to cell death and skin tissue damage.

–        Constant friction between skin and any material, whether clothes or bed sheets. Friction would probably be more infecting if the skin is moist or if the patient suffers from weak blood circulation.

–  Shearing between the skin and any surface is when two tight bodies are moving in opposite directions, such as what happens when the patient’s head slips due to bed uneven surface.

These causes have many risk factors that increase the potential of getting bedsore, between which we can mention the following:

–        The patient is not moving frequently or never due to any illness or health condition, such as paralysis.

–        Urinary incontinence disease, it’s when the patient loses control over his peeing timing, which could lead to many skin issues. This disease is quite relevant among the elderly and is considered one of the geriatric phase signs. Check out this article to know more information about the geriatric phase.

–  The unhealthy nutrition system, as the human body constantly needs many nutritional elements essential to let the body in full capability. The lack of minerals, fluids, proteins, and vitamins, especially vitamin C and zinc, would increase bedsores. Also, the nutrition system is the main reason for many chronic diseases, such as blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, anemia, and high cholesterol.

–  Pain sense disability is due to many neurological diseases and spinal cord infections. Pain is the first alarm of having something wrong that needs to be fixed or adjusted. If it’s working correctly, the patient will keep in his position without any modification.

–  Many diseases directly impact the blood circulation normality, such as vascular diseases, diabetes, and more.

–        Smoking has a broad negative impact on normal blood flow and circulation, which obstructs blood from being delivered to everybody’s organ.


Bedsores Symptoms


Bedsores Symptoms

Bedsores could be obvious throughout many initial signs and symptoms, which take an increasing curve concerning severity. Many symptoms are known to be related to bedsores, between which we can mention the following:

–        Skin would feel abnormal and change in colour.

–        Swollen the infected spot.

–        Secretions similar to pus.

–        An increase or decrease in the infected area temperature.

–        Pain around the infected spot.

In fact, bedsore goes into several stages during its development, where each stage could be more serious and severe than its previous one. Going deeper into stages would make it harder to cure and heal, leading to many more severe complications.

Bedsores stages are as follows:

Stage 1:

Redness skin within the infected area with a mild temperature increase, with an itchy feeling.

Stage 2:

Developing blisters that could be simple or open ones, then sores are being procced, with a skin colour variation.

Stage 3:

Infection is reaching a deep skin layer, leading to open slots into the skin.

Stage 4:

Massive damage to skin tissues, leading to more skin erosion and internal bones and muscles could be seen thru.


These stages would take time, which allows us to notice early. Consider asking for help from 7keema, as it provides an exceptional home nursing service for wound care, which offers proper care for post-surgical wounds, diabetic foot, bedsores, and more.


What are the most likely spots to develop bedsore

What are the most likely spots to develop bedsore?

–        Lower back

–        Pelvic area

–        Vertebral column

–        Shoulders

–        Knees

–        Ankles

–        Hand rests

–        Thigh area

–        Back side of arms and legs


Bedsores Complications


In case bedsores are not appropriately treated, and as soon as possible, it keeps digging into skin layers and leading to many severe complications.

Between which we can mention:

–        Cellulitis, which infects infra skin layers.

–        Back pain and arthritis, as the infection can go deeper, reaching out bones and joints.

–        Some types of cancer, unhealed wounds would lead to many types of cancer.

–        Septicemia.


For instance, bedsore could lead to death, especially if it reached the case of septicemia. Out of its criticality, don’t hesitate to order the wound care home nursing service provided by 7keema.


Bedsores Treatment


Bedsores Treatment

To cure such cases, many ways of treatments could be followed, while maintenance should be provided periodically; home nursing is doing a very effective job concerning bedsores, as it could provide a wound care service at home.

However, the patient should firstly check a specialist doctor, and the doctor would recommend a suitable treatment plan according to the bedsores stage.

In fact, many treatment ways could provide the best healing process for bedsore, between which we can mention the following:


–        Reduce Pressure:

A doctor should recommend the patient adjust his sleeping positions to reduce pressure on a skin spot for a long time.

Also, it’s highly recommended to use comfortable bed sheets and cushions as much as it’s highly recommended to use a home nursing service to provide the proper care for bedsores to heal.


–        Wound Sanitizing:

It’s mandatory to clean the bedsore periodically, using some mild wound sanitising products, with a bandage to cover it. In the case of an open bedsore, only use water or salt solution.

The bandage should be changed periodically to keep the wound’s moisture. Home nursing could be extremely helpful to provide such care, as a provider would offer all maintenance needed at home.


–        Damaged Tissues Removal:

Some cases would lead to removing the damaged skin tissues, whether by using high water flow or through a minor surgical process.


–        Surgical Intervention:

Taking the case into an operation room could be mandatory during some severe cases.


From its side, 7keema provides a wide home nursing selection, which could offer many ways of care and maintenance for bedsores patients.


Home Nursing Services for Bedsores Care


Home Nursing Services for Bedsores Care

 Home nursing services from 7keema provide wound care essential for bedsores and give many other solutions to prevent it.

To be more specific, 7keema’s help through bedsores treatment and prevention is divided into two main directions, as home nursing has many ways to provide care and maintenance for the whole family.

First: 7keema provides many generic home nursing services, aiming to bring all hospital services home, which could be useful for bedsores prevention. The home nursing provider would recommend that the patient follow many instructions while lying down, sitting, and sleeping to prevent bedsores.

In addition to a significant home nursing service that’s meant to care for the elderly, who are the most likely to develop such sores due to many diseases and geriatric signs.

Second: 7keema provides a specific home nursing service for wound care, which could maintain and help any type of wound to heal healthily and quicker. The wound care home nursing service is able to provide care for post-surgical wounds, diabetic foot, bedsores, and more.

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