For Nurses

Want To Become A 7keema’s Partner?

If you are licensed/registered or has hands-in working experience with a passion to look for new job opportunities, 7keema is your best place.
7keema is a mobile app that connects thousands of patients to qualified nurses to help them through a different range of services.

In 7keema, we are looking for 3 different levels of nurses as following :

  • Nursing Specialist. (Holder of a bachelor’s degree in nursing.)
  • Nursing Technician. (5-years diploma with graduate experience.)
  • Nursing Aide. (Hands-on experience.)
Why To Become A Part Of 7keema?

• The best opportunity to increase your income.
• Very variable areas of expertise to go through such as elderly care, wound care, women care, installation or removal of catheter and Ryle and so many other areas of nursing services.
• Flexible working hours.
• Competitive and flexible payment rates.
• Regular training and development programs.
• Surge is applied on late hours for fair opportunities.

On acceptance, we move the fulfillment of the legal documents which is mainly including:
  • Copy of a valid ID.
  • Copy of the graduation certificate.
  • Copy of the syndicate registration card.
  • Copy of the profession practicing decoration.
  • Copies of certificates of experience and training courses received if available.
Upon completing provider profile, he’ll start a training period immediately, which includes:
  • Technical training on the assigned service lines.
  • Soft skills training in communication & time management along with a home etiquettes program.
  • Policies and quality procedures orientation.
  • How to use 7keema’s provider app orientation.
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