Your health care best choice: Home Nursing
Recently nursing has witnessed a lot of development regarding techniques, tools, and locations.
For so long time, there was only one way to receive nursing help: go to the hospital. Which had changed recently that a lot of institutions have revealed their home nursing services, claiming a patient should receive a home care service than in a hospital.
Which arose a lot of questions and queries that need to be answered, such as: what’s the difference between hospital and home nursing?
What are the different levels of nurses?
How to pick the right home nursing company? And according to what properties should you pick the nurse major?
And what’s the reasonable home nursing pricing?
We dedicate this article to spread out all the home nursing sides and properties to fill up the gaps.

What’s Home Nursing? What to expect?

Home nursing is to provide full home care regarding health, psychology, and physical needs, under nurse supervision.
It is divided into so many majors, which should be picked to suit the patient’s health condition.
Accordingly, a lot of factors would be determined, such as shifts duration (permanent resident, partial resident), and devices that should be used through the home care procedures.
Hospital Nusing Vs Home Nursing
During the COVID-19 outbreak, it has been more likely for a patient to ask for a home nursing service than to go to the hospital, to avoid infection.
Therefore, home nursing has gone more viral than ever, after proving certain credibility around the medical field, which made so many people ask themselves why go to the hospital when they can receive the same service at home?
A home care service would now provide a specialist nurse, treatment, devices, and even medical beds.


How to choose the right Home Nursing Company?

Nowadays, so many companies and institutions claim to be presenting a home nursing service, which makes a customer wonder how to pick the most trustworthy company?
First: check if the company is licensed from and has legal activities or not, and search for previous customer reviews.
Second: check for the company address on Google.
Third: determine the patient needs to ask for the right home care service.
Forth: the company should be providing all home nursing services with all needed devices and
For that, 7keema is one of the leading home nursing providers in Egypt that is widely known for its high-quality home care service, with a high level of credibility and trust.


Home Nursing Services:

Services could vary according to what the patient needs to receive the best home care experience.

Elderly care:

This includes providing personal, therapeutic, hygiene, and psychological care through supporting daily activities for patients to experience a full home care experience, depending on the level of nurses’ profession.

Home shifts:

Providing therapeutic or personal care for patients and people with special needs up to 24 hrs. Depending on the level of nurses’ profession.


Providing home care service regarding physical therapy. (Bones, nerves, elderly, kids, post-cardiac processes)

Quick services:

Providing personal, therapeutic care (Intramuscular, intravenous, fluid transfusion, oral medication), no need to go to a hospital for such quick service.

Catheter/Ryle installation:

Providing highly-trained nurses depending on their professional level for installation and removal of urinary catheters and Ryle. This procedure needs a specialist to avoid complications.

Wound care service:

A full home care service regarding diabetic foot, bedsores, and postoperative wound care.


Child and mother care:

This service is dedicated to helping mothers and their newborn babies post-pregnancy, by providing therapeutic, personal care for mothers, infants, and babies.


Online counseling:

The help could reach its seekers in so many ways, an online counseling service is to provide nursing medical guidance for the elderly and post-operation.


VR Vaccination for kids:

A creative solution comes from out the box, which we called “Vaccino”; it is a triple pain management solution. Vaccino integrates virtual reality, vibration, and cooling bands to control pain during injection for kids between 3 and 9 years old, which we provide at 7keema.


Coronavirus Isolation Service:

It’s an isolation service that is provided to mild and moderates cases infected by a coronavirus. It’s provided by a well-trained staff of nurses.


PCR Test:

Providing PCR testing at home with quick and accurate results within 48 hours.


COVID-19 Full Testing:

The testing includes PCR test for COVID-19, CBC, and Chest X-ray.


ICU Bed Setup at home:

A home care service could also include ICU bed packages for rental at home for critical cases, which bring a whole intensive care unit to your bedroom, to get the ultimate home nursing experience.


Ambulance services:

This service provides ambulance vehicles for patients’ transportation, from anywhere to anywhere within Cairo and Alexandria.
Ambulance vehicles vary between:
Equipped ambulance vehicle.
Equipped ambulance vehicle with the nursing staff.
Equipped ambulance vehicle with nursing staff and medical devices.


Providing medical devices:

A home nursing service would also provide some medical device rental, to be used at home. Such as:



It’s an electric medical device that turns liquid medicine into mist, to be sprayed through a tube that is attached to a mouthpiece or a facemask.



A medical device that displays and records heartbeats, blood pressure, measures oxygen blood levels, and respiratory rate.



This device helps the patient to breathe properly through a tube connected to a facemask.



Increases the airflow pressure in the patient’s throat, so the airway doesn’t collapse while breathing in.



This device is dedicated to healing wounds quicker by wound fluid suctioning, which could be used for bed sores, diabetic foot, and surgery wounds. It should be used by trained staff.


Level of nursing

Nursing Levels:

Specialist Nurse: he has a nursing bachelor’s degree, he has to pass a one-year training until he gets his licenses.
Technician Nurse: he has a nursing diploma for one year or more after passing high school.
Nurse Aide: he helps a Technician Nurse or a Specialist Nurse doing their jobs, while also helping the patients with their needs.
Throughout our lifetime, we pass through some hard times when we need help. Home Nursing is making this easier and more accessible for everyone everywhere.
Looking forward, we believe home nursing will take a leading position in the medical field in the future. To have a full home care service without going to a hospital is going to be the Nursing Future.
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