High blood pressure What to do for a normal life?

It’s common for people worldwide to suffer from high blood pressure, showing some complications and symptoms that could affect the usual daily routine.

So what’s blood pressure?

Blood pressure reveals how the heart pumps the blood into veins and arteries to provide each body organ with blood.

Normal blood pressure range varies according to so many variables, from which we could mention:


Social habits concerning every country.

Chronic diseases.

Daily routine and nutrition system.

What’s the normal blood pressure range?

Blood pressure measurement is a combination of two numbers; the higher one represents the systolic, while the lower one represents the diastolic.

Usually, the average blood pressure for adults would range between 100 to 140 mmHg for systolic and 60 to 100 mmHg for diastolic.

Also, pregnant women would not face any blood pressure variation under normal circumstances, unless she suffers from any cardiac diseases or blood vessels problems.

However, you could need one of the home nursing services to provide the best healthcare for your family members.

While people get older, the average blood pressure range would increase gradually. Therefore, it’s hard to set a normal blood pressure for them.

It’s widely shared that people suffer from high blood pressure problems while aging, as much as so many other chronic diseases. For that, 7keema could provide several home nursing services to overcome aging issues.


normal blood pressure


It’s not that hard to control your blood pressure and keep it regular, only a few steps to follow and habits to change.

From which we could mention:

Eat healthily and get enough amounts of nutritious food.

Workout daily.

Quit smoking and alcohol drinking.

Limit the daily amount of tea, coffee, and any drinks rich in caffeine.

Control your salt amount through your meals; avoid salty meals.

Avoid obesity, and keep a healthy weight.


high blood pressure


What’s high blood pressure?

High blood pressure becomes very common in our communities and families, and it could lead to some severe complications if not controlled and treated.

Some of these complications could be strokes, heart attacks, or kidney failures.


When it’s considered high blood pressure?

To get the entire image, let’s talk in numbers for a while.

When the systolic blood pressure varies between 120 and 129 mmHg, it’s still within the normal range. However, it could be better.  That’s the first stage.

When systolic blood pressure is between 130 and 139 mmHg, while the diastolic varies between 80 and 89 mmHg, it’s considered high blood pressure. Still not so severe and not considered a chronic disease. The patient should only take care to control it. That’s the second stage.

However, when the systolic blood pressure exceeds 140 mmHg, and the diastolic exceeds 90 mmHg, it becomes more severe and dangerous.

The patient is more likely to face high blood pressure complications and should take some severe actions. That’s the third stage of the disease.

But when systolic pressure reaches 180 mmHg and the diastolic reaches 120 mmHg, it’s when a hospital should be your next destination.

The patient should receive immediate help to control his blood pressure, especially when he suffers from breathing problems, chest pain, blurred vision, and difficulty speaking.

It’s also possible to ask for a home nursing service, which could provide you with medical devices and tools to help in these conditions.


most likely to have high blood pressure symptoms

People who have diabetes, high cholesterol, and kidney diseases.

Some pregnant women would have high blood pressure.

People who are used to have salt in their meals with large amounts.

Smokers are more likely to face blood pressure problems.

People who suffer from obesity and high fats percentage.

It could be genetic.


Stress, anxiety, and different life’s stress.

Low potassium levels through your meals, which is highly provided by potatoes and bananas.

Low vitamin D levels through your meals, which is highly provided by beef meat.

Suffering from neurological diseases.

Suffering from thyroid problems.

Suffering from psychological stress.


How does Virus Corona affect high blood pressure patients?

 It’s more likely for high blood pressure patients to suffer from coronavirus complications.
That’s why it should be treated and controlled to avoid any possible risk or danger throughout the pandemic.



high blood pressure symptoms


High blood pressure symptoms:

Ironically, many people could suffer from high blood pressure without any evident symptoms.

Therefore, a checkup should be made periodically; blood pressure should be measured from time to time to ensure it’s within the normal range.

However, here’re the most common high blood pressure symptoms:

Neck pain.

Feeling dizzy or unstable.

Nose bleeding.

Severe headache.

Hard breathing.

Feeling nauseous.

It could lead to cramps in some cases.

Usually, these are the most critical symptoms concerning high blood pressure, which could threaten patients’ lives.


What are the high blood pressure causes?

High blood pressure means the heart or the blood vessels are overloaded, which leads them to work with much more effort.

So what would cause this overload?

Genetic reasons, as it could be transmitted from parents to kids.

A large amount of salt in food.

Stop breathing while sleeping.

Alcohol and drug use.

Anxiety and stress.

Large amounts of caffeine from coffee or tea.

Suffering from different diseases such as psychiatric illness or kidney disease.

Aging and life stress.

High cholesterol.

Not making any physical effort or working out.

Excessive use of drugs.


high blood pressure complications


High blood pressure complications

High blood pressure causes blood vessel malfunctions, which could cause some more severe symptoms and complications.

From which we can mention:

Heart diseases and atherosclerosis.

The heart becomes incapable of pumping blood to all the body organs.

It could affect eyesight.

Strokes high risk.



High blood pressure prevention

It’s always better to prevent than cure. That’s why we should all start changing our lifestyles.

We can avoid any heart pressure problems by following some simple steps and change a little bit from our daily habits and nutrition system.

Moreover, a daily workout session is a must, even if it was just 30 minutes of walking.


High blood pressure treatment

In case diagnosed, it’s never too late to put an effort to control it.

First of all, you should head to a doctor and follow the timing of the medications precisely.

And again, you should adapt to a new healthy daily routine.


instructions to measure blood pressure


Tips to follow while measuring blood pressure:

Make sure you’re in an upright position.

Avoid smoking and caffeine before measuring for one hour at least.

Measuring is not allowed right after a workout.

Take two measures daily, and avoid speaking while measuring.

Lay down and relax for 5 minutes before measuring.

Take a morning measure before breakfast.

The device should be connected directly to the patient’s arm.

Make sure your arm is at the same level as your heart while measuring.

Install daily measuring timing.

Measure twice per minute to get it more accurate.

It’s good to live freely without any systems to follow or steps to do.

However, it’s better to live healthily.

High blood pressure is a severe disease, still easy to avoid or control.

Your daily life routine is all that matters.

Live healthily, stay safe.

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