Elderly Sitter, The Care They Deserve

All around the world, a significant problem started to grow and arose. When someone crosses the 60 borders, a lot of changes occur and take place. It’s a stage called the geriatric phase, where exceptional help and care are needed. Home nursing comes with the best solution, providing an elderly sitter and home nursing services.

The geriatric phase has so many symptoms and signs that could vary from person to person, but they all gather upon how they affect daily life. Throughout this phase, an individual would face and suffer a lot due to chronic diseases, unstable vital signs, and health issues in general, which could eventually lead to some more severe complications.

That’s why home nursing comes to fill up this need, aiming to guarantee a healthy and safe life for the elderly away from any inconvenience. 7keema has a primary target throughout the elderly care service, is to provide the best for these people and give them what they truly deserve.

Recently, the healthcare field has witnessed a vast development made by the home nursing services that are reachable through a mobile application—proving a specific efficiency and credibility regarding providing integrated healthcare at home.

This trust was based on the home nursing real potential and what it could really offer. You can quickly now get a nurse for the following services: home recovery from surgeries, injections and cannulas installments, pandemic care, wound care, medical devices rental, and many more services.

During the coronavirus outbreak, the home nursing has provided full corona care at homes, decreasing the cases that need a hospital, which was like a win-win situation for the healthcare field and patients.

Amazingly, home nursing has offered the elderly what, beyond providing care, it gave them a suitable life. Wonder how? Let’s go through it!


elderly sitter provide


What an Elderly Sitter Could Provide?

Throughout the geriatric phase, an individual would face a lot of challenges due to physical and psychological changes. It’s how the human body works; cells start to lose the ability to regenerate over time. And human starts to suffer from several chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, and more to mention.

Not to mention what can affect brain ability, which’s represented mainly in Alzheimer’s. You can get to know more about Alzheimer’s disease through this article.

And you can check this article as well to know more about the geriatric phase.

However, home nursing comes to the rescue through all these challenges by offering the best solution to the older people and their families, which’s realized by providing an elderly sitter at home, who’s meant to provide all the elderly needs quickly.

Providing elderly care at home would include the following:


–        Dealing with different health conditions:

An elderly care provider is meant to deal with any chronic disease the patient suffers from in general. For example, if the patient is obese, the provider might make sure to offer him a suitable meal to avoid any severe complications. In addition to making sure that the patient has his medicines in time.

Moreover, if a patient has Alzheimer’s or dementia, the provider is capable of dealing with such a case. An Alzheimer’s patient is mainly unconscious and may provoke a lot of problems. The provider aims to keep monitoring the patient all the time to prevent any possible harm.


–      Vital Monitoring Signs:

Home nursing would provide highly trained nursing staff, which gives the patient the privilege of constantly tracking his vital signs, such as blood pressure, heartbeats, sugar levels in the blood, and more.

This is meant to distinguish any abnormality immediately and get the proper care needed before any complication could occur.


–        Daily Activities:

The elderly care service is not only concerning the healthcare. In fact, the provider is also meant to provide the elderly with daily needs, including helping while moving around, getting healthy meals, helping out through any physical activity, and keeping the elderly hygiene.

In addition to helping out the elderly keeping their activity and vitality up, and don’t let them surrender to laziness and inability.

For instance, keeping them active and in good shape would prevent bedsores, leading to even more severe complications.


–        Overcoming any Complications:

Home nursing is also meant to deal with any urgent event on the spot until the right help is here.

However, an elderly care provider is trained to deal with any complication that’s due to any health condition or chronic disease, such as diabetic foot care, which could lead to foot amputation if not received proper care.

Check out more information about a diabetic foot through this article.


–        Facing Osteoporosis and Disability:

Aging would decrease the ability to move around normally. Also, the human body starts to be more fragile and could suffer enormous damage when subjected to any minor harm.

Therefore, the service provider is meant to offer help to the patient throughout all his daily activities to avoid any incident that could cause a considerable injury.


Elderly Psychological Care


Elderly Psychological Care

Without a doubt, the senior phase is a suitable environment for any psychological instability. The elderly would always feel incapable of doing things, no matter how easy they are, leading to losing hope in life and feeling desperate.

Not to mention the feeling of loneliness, which’s the main reason for depression throughout such phase.

Depression is a high risk for the elderly in general, and we can depict its symptoms as follows:

–        All-time sadness

–        Always feeling low

–        Losing self-esteem

–        Lose of interest in doing any activity

–        Not feeling joyful as before through any event

–        Losing or gaining weight in an excessive way

–        Insomnia or sleeping for more extended hours

–        Getting mad for any insignificant reason

–        Always feeling inactive

–        Crying fits without any reasonable cause

–        Feeling powerless during any activity

–        Incapability of making decisions

–        Suicidal thoughts

These are depression symptoms in general, but these symptoms would be more touching and have a more serious effect through the geriatric phase.

Home nursing is also covering such sides. The service provider is trained to deal with such cases and forbid the feeling of loneliness in general.

For instance, psychological conditions should be taken seriously; visiting a psychiatrist is a must. However, the elderly sitter is also responsible for containing these symptoms and arose the optimistic thinking.

Moreover, the provider is doing the most important thing with the patient to make him feel connected, which could prevent depression and so many other symptoms.

In fact, home nursing is cooperating with the family to realize psychological stability. The family role couldn’t be avoided in any way; honestly, the family role is the first factor in reaching such a goal.

The Elderly sitter and the family are working together to realize that by following these instructions:

–        Encourage the elderly to share their opinion

–        Encourage the elderly to keep a healthy shape

–        Provide a healthy nutrition system

–        Encourage the elderly to practice physical exercises as much as possible

–        Always be connected

–        Do not subject the elderly to any pressure

–        Medical check-up periodically


what 7keema can provide


What 7keema Can Provide?

Obviously, 7keema provides a unique home nursing service for elderly care, which offers a staying nurse to maintain all the patient needs.

On the other side, 7keema is also capable of providing integrated healthcare through its comprehensive services selection that would fit any health need. These services vary between home shifts staying nurse, wound care, quick services (cannulas and injections), catheter and Ryle installment, pandemic care, medical transfer, medical devices rental, ICU beds rental, and more.

Moreover, 7keema could provide a physiotherapist at home, ready to fulfill any need.

These services are meant to complete each other to reach integrated healthcare at home as the final outcome. Taking the elderly care as a priority service out of our belief in its importance. We seek to provide them with a better life and give them what they do really deserve.

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