Depression Symptoms & Treatment, Always Feeling Low

Feeling low, going through tough days, losing your passion for any activities that used to touch you deep inside and made you feel better. Have you felt depressed or pretended to have some depression symptoms? Has this feeling lasted for a long time?

In fact, we all go through mood swings all over the day, and sometimes we could lose passion and the desire to participate in any activity, though it would probably last for short times, a day, a few days, or even a couple of weeks.

These swings are due to different causes and conditions; still, they have nothing to do with depression symptoms and effects. On the other side, Depression Symptoms are provoked due to various reasons, which last for a long time.

For instance, depression symptoms develop gradually; nobody can wake up in the morning having depression. So many indications might be buzzing and alerting you’re on track down the road; it’s when asking for help from a specialist doctor is a must.


What is depression?

Even though it’s a mental illness, yet it has a significant influence on our body organs and health. Not to mention its massive negative impact on our thoughts and emotions, which could prevent the patient from acting normally and having a steady everyday life. Even in a worst-case scenario, suicide is on the table.

Statistics from many studies made in different countries and universities worldwide claimed that depression symptoms are the main reason for suicide. Pointing down to a significant point, which’s the criticality of such disease and the importance of facing it seriously.

Meanwhile, modern medicine invites people to understand depression properly and disconnect it from being religious; it’s a medical case requiring psychological and medical treatment.

Depression symptoms are detected through many tests and after making sure that the patient is not suffering from any other disease that could have the same effect. So what are the depression symptoms?


Depression symptoms

Depression Symptoms

Depression symptoms would vary from one patient to another, according to many factors; between these symptoms, we can mention:

–        Losing the desire to do daily activities.

–        Feeling sad and depressed for a long time.

–        Being nervous almost all the time.

–        Losing hope in general.

–        Unstable sleeping

–        Going into crying fits without any apparent reason.

–        Not able to make a decision.

–        Difficulties in focus.

–        Anxiety

–        Feeling bored.

–        Gaining weight or losing weight excessively.

–        Being over-sensitive.

–        Feel exhausted and tired almost all the time.

–        Low self-esteem.

–        Back or neck pain without any apparent reason.

–        Always tending to be self-isolated.

–        Losing appetite or gluttony eating.

–        Suicidal thoughts, or even committing suicide.


Talking about depression symptoms, we cannot ignore what’s their effect on the elderly. On their side of the story, the elderly would probably feel helpless, lonely, and disconnected from society, which has a direct connection with the geriatric stage and diseases.  

The home nursing solution is always on the table through similar cases, as it could provide elderly care at home. Taking care of their general health while giving them the ability to stay in good mental health.


Depression Symptoms for Elderly

Through the geriatric stage, the elderly might develop many symptoms and get some diseases that could encounter them from having a normal life; to face such a problem, asking for a home nursing service would prevent complications and save their mental health.

Depression symptoms for the elderly would vary between the following:

–        Memory problems

–        Changes in personality

–        Pain in different body organs

–        Losing appetite

–        Insomnia

–        Suicidal thoughts and a huge desire to put an end to this life

–        Staying away from any social event or gathering

Hence 7keema is a home nursing company; it offers a particular service for the elderly that’s meant to take care of their physical and psychological healthcare in parallel. Moreover, home nursing keeps the family in charge and increases its connection with the elderly.

For what’s important, you can know more about picking a home nursing service through this article.


Depression Symptoms for Kids and Teenagers

Young ages have their share of the depression danger as well; it could be due to many life challenges that they face daily, which could be judged as minor problems for adults but still create a real challenge for them.

Their symptoms are severe and profound and could lead to suicidal thoughts as well, between which we can mention:

–        Sadness

–        Emotional attachment

–        Anger and violence

–        Thinness

–        Pain all around the body

–        Rejecting going to school

–        Negative thoughts

–        Low self-esteem

–        Being extra sensitive

–        Long hours sleeping

–        Using drugs or alcohol

–        Hurting themselves

–        Losing interest in different activities

–        Avoiding social events and preferring isolation

–        Excessive eating


Depression Causes

Depression Causes

It’s due to so many reasons and factors, it could be for going through a tough time, losing a family member or someone you care about, or it could be due to chemical changes in our brains or heritage factors.

The main reasons for depression could be listed as follows:

–        Brain chemistry: studies have proved a relation between feeling depressed and brain cells’ abnormal activity; probably neurotransmitters have been damaged in a way or another, maybe due to hormonal disorder.

–        Heritage factors: many studies claim that having a family member with depression symptoms increases the risk of having it in the future.

–        Daily News: what we go through daily, what news we deal with every hour through social media could be a playing factor here. Much negative news would lead to negative thoughts and depression symptoms as well.

Moreover, our personality’s behavior towards things and events could be a player. Many risk factors are only related to how we act daily, which are:

–        Low self-confidence and constant self-critic

–        Depending on others

–        Pessimism

–        Facing a chock or a trauma, such as losing a beloved one, an accident, or rape.

–        Financial issues

–        History of other mental conditions, like anxiety.

–        Drugs and alcohol

–        Serious diseases, like cancer

–        Hypertension medicines side-effect

In addition to not receiving proper care when having a health issue, that’s why it’s recommended to ask for help from a home nursing provider to contain any health problem.


Depression Complications

If depression was not treated and contained properly, many complications could threaten the patient’s life seriously.

–        Obesity, which could cause many health issues.

–        Social connection fails.

–        Increasingly, family problems.

–        Body distortion and self-hurt.

–        Constant physical pain.

–        Drugs addiction.

–        Early death.

–        Committing suicide


how to deal with Depression


How to Deal with Depression?

Depression symptoms are always treated as a chronic mental illness; they should constantly be monitored to prevent depression limbo.

Two ways are going in parallel side by side to deal with such illness:

–        Medicines:

Many anti-depressing drugs could be described by a psychologist in proper doses. But these medicines should be accompanied by psychological therapy, and doses should be controlled by a specialist doctor as it could lead to addiction at some point.

–        Psychological Therapy:

The patient would seek a professional connection to reveal all his thoughts and feelings freely and try to dig inside himself for something bright. From his side, the psychologist tries to analyze the patient’s behavior to reach the core of his suffering, then try to solve it by convincing and supporting.


Out of these points, we can fully understand how critical the depression is and how wrong ways it could lead if it had been underestimated in any way.

Therefore, we should look ourselves to prevention, as we’re all subjected to such illness and could lead to severe consequences.

As prevention measures, we can start following some behaviors, such as:

–        Always be in touch with family and friends.

–        Not be shy to express negative feelings.

–        Take space from any pressure, or deal with them appropriately.

–        Detect any early signs of Depression symptoms and ask for help immediately.

–        Having a healthy lifestyle could help out improving our mental health.

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