Elderly Care, When life changes

 Life is not still, constantly changing and developing, which is obviously clear through our aging process.

We were born babies in need of help to fulfill our essential needs; then, we keep growing to earn more power, knowledge, and experience.

Until it reaches its maximum point when changes start to take place.

While aging, a human would need more help from his surrounding regarding his daily activities and needs.

Almost every house and family have elderly people who need a different lifestyle and special care.

Who could provide the best care for someone to let him normally live more than his family and beloved ones, which is their main role throughout this stage? They could suffer from Geriatric diseases that need to ask for home care service or home nursing service.

Therefore, we will discuss what challenges could face seniors and how to provide them suitable care throughout this article.


what happens with aging

What Happens with aging?

As kids, body cells would renew and reproduce on a high average throughout the growing and puberty phases.

On the other side, as adults, our bodies stop growing. Still, we are in the middle of youth time, in which our body cells keep renewing rapidly.

That’s why our healing progress through youth time is easier and quicker.

While aging, cell reproduction rate keeps decreasing daily, and geriatric signs keep increasing, requiring a lifestyle changing to provide a healthy life.

Elderly people are the ones who reached this stage; typically, we can’t determine a specific age at which the geriatric stage starts.

However, at the age of 60, we could expect to be going into this phase.

It’s most likely to need home care or home nursing help throughout this phase to provide the best lifestyle.

While aging, geriatric diseases are obviously revealed, represented by several symptoms caused by body cell malfunction.


Cells Aging:

Usually, body cell division is at a high rate through growing and youth time.

However, a cell has a limited number of divisions throughout its lifetime until it reaches the “Aging Cell” phase, and the cell totally dies.

The cell division limit is determined in advance according to genetic reasons, which are programmed into our genes.

Knowing that the body is actually billions of cells combined forming the body organs, it’s expected that organs functions fall back by aging and cause geriatric diseases.

Obviously, it’s when someone would ask for help, which could be provided through home nursing or home care services.

You can ask for elderly care service from 7keema.


Organs Aging:

It’s a logical result due to cells aging, as organs are formed from tissues of cells together.

Organs functions start to get to the lowest point all along the aging process; elderly people would suffer from several symptoms known by the geriatric symptoms.

However, an organ could act as usual even if it has lost parts of its tissues.

For example, the liver can do its function properly after losing half of its tissues.

This fact points to another one that elderly people could have a healthy geriatric phase only if they have a healthy lifestyle.

So, what are the most common aging symptoms regarding organs:


1-   Bones and Joints:

While aging, bone density starts to decrease gradually due to low calcium absorption and cells splitting low rate.

Which could cause osteoporosis for elderly people through the geriatric phase.

Therefore, it’s most likely for a senior to need an exceptional home nursing service to help him out moving around safely.

Moreover, cartilage density starts to reduce due to years of motion and the cells’ disability to compensate for this reduction while aging.

Home nursing services could be helpful for elderly people to their needs.


2-   Brain:

Elderly people would suffer from concentration problems due to brain cell atrophy.

It’s when geriatric diseases become more serious.

Dementia is a common geriatric symptom among elderly people, causing memory problems.

Also, Alzheimer’s disease is a major geriatric problem for elderly people.

Throughout this stage, a home care service regarding elderly care is highly recommended. You can ask for 7keema home nursing services to help you out.

For more information about geriatric diseases, check out this article.


Elderly care

Elderly Care

After knowing what aging can do to the human body, let’s discuss how to provide suitable home care for the elderly through the geriatric process.

Usually, the senior’s family is the first responsible for offering him good care, which a home nursing service could provide.

So, what do elderly people need daily?


1-Personal hygiene:

It could be problematic for elderly people to care about their personal hygiene by themselves, which could cause so many complications such as bed sores.

That’s why it’s vital to help them out through such a thing.

However, it could be embarrassing for them as it breaks through their privacy.

A professional home care provider would relieve the stress during such service.


2-Skin Care:

Caring for the elderly skincare is so essential to avoid so many complications.

Aging could cause a slow wound healing rate, especially if the senior has diabetes. To learn more about diabetes and diabetic foot, check out this article.

Therefore, skin hygiene and care through the geriatric phase.


3-Urinary Incontinence:

One of the most common geriatric diseases is not controlling the urine output when sneezing or coughing.

It would cause some complications regarding personal hygiene and skin health, which elderly diapers could simply avoid.


4Moving Around:

A senior would face difficulty regarding moving, even inside the home.

It’s essential for elderly people to feel the ability to move around. That’s why home nursing could fix such a problem by helping them move while ensuring that the surrounding is safe.


5-Healthy Diet:

It’s so common for elderly people to cut meals out to avoid going to the restroom repeatedly.

Indeed, the body should receive enough calories with enough amounts of water daily to get its power.

It’s highly recommended to eat vegetables and fruits rich in fibers and antioxidants.


6- Feel Connected:

Loneliness and depression could threaten the elderly psychological health.

That’s why it’s so important to connect with them consistently, open discussions remembering memory to refresh their consciousness.

If a senior has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, it’s highly recommended to ask for a home care service.

7keema provides home nursing services, offering nursing staff trained to deal with the elderly.


home care


Choosing between home care and retirement home.

No doubt it’s the family’s decision, but to compare we can mention:

–  Home is your comfort zone and the source of inner peace; that’s why receiving home care could increase senior psychological health.

–  Care would be divided between many people at a retirement home, while home nursing would provide one nurse for one senior.

– Being between the family and beloved ones would positively affect the senior health, which couldn’t be provided unless through home nursing.

Still, the family is concerned about making such a decision that suits their conditions and lifestyle.



Finally, aging is a natural process that we cannot stop.

However, we can still deal with it wisely to have a comfortable life.

Knowing that home care is possible and easily afforded by asking for home nursing services.   

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