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Healthcare always comes on top of our priorities, and people are searching for a reachable yet efficient way to provide for their health needs, which could be challenging but mandatory. Meanwhile, healthcare is getting pricy and could be hard to reach many times. Alternatively, home nursing comes with a root solution, allowing everyone to get healthcare at home without any barriers.

Home nursing aims to provide a nurse at home for essential health needs and offer a broad opportunity to have integrated healthcare at home. As long as healthcare couldn’t be exclusive for one age category, home nursing is actually covering what family members could need.

Home nursing services types are pretty various and comprehensive, integrating together to provide the desired healthcare for everyone. Each service type would require a certain level of the nursing profession, as the nursing field is divided into three primary levels, specialist nurse, technician nurse, and nurse aide. Each level has its own duties and specifications that we could get introduced to as follows:

Specialist Nurse: he or she should have a nursing bachelor degree, be capable of dealing with any health needs, and be authorised to provide injections and install cannulas, in addition to many more services that could be critical and require high efficiency.

Technician Nurse: he or she should have a nursing diploma, with duties similar to a specialist nurse, also authorised to deal with injections and cannulas, but still should follow the specialist nurse instructions.

Nurse Aide: having nursing-related studies is not mandatory; this level concerns mainly with the patients daily needs and maintenance on a daily basis. He or she is not authorised to deal with any type of injections, cannulas, or any critical medical tools in general.

In order to reach the best, home nursing is always ensuring providing the right nursing level for each service, as per its requirements. For example, a nurse aide generally suits the elderly care service, as long as it’ll only roll around elderly care without any medical tools usage. In contrast, a specialist or technician nurse is mandatory when it’s required to install a cannula.


How is Home Nursing a part of healthcare


How is Home Nursing a part of healthcare?

For instance, home nursing couldn’t be excluded from any healthcare service or need in general, and it could be pretty surprising to know how much home nursing could offer and be able to do—reaching out to what could be called a hospital at home.

Therefore we dedicated this article to discussing the main home nursing usages and how they could positively affect providing everyone’s health needs. Accordingly, we’ll show what 7keema is providing regarding healthcare in general.


–        Home Elderly Care:

Seniors everywhere could have many signs and symptoms that could prevent them from having an everyday life without asking for help, which’s putting a burden on the whole family to provide the proper care in the middle of life responsibilities and other duties. In contrast, many families could head toward an elderly house or a retirement house, which could separate the patient from his family.

On its side, 7keema is offering another better solution and a whole home nursing service specialising in elderly care at home.

It’s most likely for the elderly to have geriatric symptoms, where many diseases and signs would occur and cause many disorders, between which Alzheimer’s disease comes with a massive impact on the patient’s life. In addition to many other chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, and more.

Out of these points, home nursing is targeting to provide suitable care for each individual through the elderly care service.


–        Home Shifts:

In fact, home nursing offers a higher level of healthcare that could be mandatory in many cases.

This service does not target a particular age scoop, as it could be used for any health condition and age range accordingly. Home shifts home nursing provides healthcare for those who just got out from a severe medical procedure like major surgery and need a rehabilitation period under serious nursing supervision. 7keema provides specialist nurses to afford such care at home, which could make it easier and more efficient to overcome any medical problem.


–        Coronavirus Pandemic Care:

Since the coronavirus outbreak, 7keema has launched a new service using all its experience and assets to be a part of healthcare maintenance.

For instance, hospitals were crowded and reaching qualified healthcare for Coronavirus was such a challenge. Accordingly, home nursing has played a valuable role since then and up till now. With every new wave due to any new variant, cases number would increase massively, putting an extra load on the healthcare system. At the same time, 7keema has launched pandemic care to make it possible to have suitable care at home without the need of going to the hospital.

On the same track, 7keema is providing many medical devices rental that could be mandatory during treatment, such as oxygen generators, oxygen cylinders, and more.


–        ICU Bed:

In order to provide almost any hospital service, 7keema is providing an ICU bed rental service.

This bed allows the patient to receive a better healthcare quality, as it helps the patient have a comfortable lay down, in addition to many flexible tools that lead the patient into a pretty smooth motion and movement.

It’s pretty similar to hospital’s beds, which guarantees a high level of healthcare maintenance.


From a different perspective, home nursing plays an essential role in many diseases and health issues. For example, an Anemia patient frequently needs to receive medicines through a Cannula or injection, which is provided by the quick services from 7keema.

Not to mention what home nursing offers for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients and osteoporosis and arthritis patients through comprehensive services selection, such as physiotherapy, medical transport, Catheter and Ryle service, and more, giving a full healthcare guarantee at home.


home elderly care


Elderly Care Service at Home:

 We saw it better to spread the following lines for their broad aspects and details to explain how it’s provided.

For instance, home nursing aims to give seniors the ability to have an everyday life while keeping them safe and healthy. Undoubtedly, the senior phase could be complicated and challenging, though receiving proper healthcare would overcome these challenges and play a massive role in giving seniors a better life.

As we mentioned before, elderly care service rolls around providing an elderly sitter that’s meant to be close all the time to maintain and support daily basic needs, leading us to ask: what are a senior daily needs? And how does home nursing could provide them?


–        Elderly Daily Basic Needs:

1-   Stay physically active: one of the main goals of an elderly care provider is to keep the senior in constant activity and let him take part in any daily tasks.

2-   Hygiene: it’s mandatory for anyone to keep his personal hygiene in a good state more frequently, which could be challenging for seniors and require help, avoiding many diseases like bedsores.

3-   Safe movement: many seniors would face issues concerning the ability to move safely and without any help, which’s something added to the elderly sitter jobs.

4-    Meals and medicines in time: seniors need to have their meals in time, and drugs are not negotiable.

5-  Emotional and mental support: it’s most likely for the elderly to feel lonely, disconnected, and disabled, putting an extra task to be supported by the elderly care provider.


–        Home nursing approach for elderly care:

1-  Provide help without disposing of independence: the main goal for any elderly care provider is to keep the patient independent. It could be mistaken for many that the service should let the senior still without any something to do and to receive his needs without any effort.

2-  Give options to choose between, but limited: the patient has to take decisions more frequently. The care provider is responsible for giving him two or three options while doing any activity. It helps him be mentally active without causing any confusion.

3-   Keep a daily routine: it keeps the senior in a better mental state and gives the feeling of achievement.

4-  Participate, not serve: the elderly care provider should not help all time long. In contrast, he should encourage the senior to do his daily tasks by himself while only providing help when needed or when the senior face any troubles during any activity.


Home Nursing Balance, Price to Quality


Home Nursing Balance, Price to Quality

It’s always a big challenge to receive a high-quality service with a reasonable price, avoid exaggeration, and reach the service goals.

For instance, home nursing solves this complex equation by offering specialist healthcare services at home for a very reasonable price. Offering the patient greater attention through one-to-one healthcare, one provider for one patient would equal higher quality.

In fact, home nursing services are now available to order through 7keema mobile application.

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