Back Pain & Arthritis, What Obstruct Free Motion

If we considered the human body a mechanical machine, bones and joints would form the main structure of the body, which let it work and move smoothly. It would be considered a huge challenge when any malfunction hits this mechanism. Back Pain and Arthritis would lead to many more complications concerning having a normal life, not to mention the amount of pain the patient would go through.

As they’re connected, we found it more suitable to spread them out through one article, to cover up all the main points of such cases. To know all concerns about back pain, arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis in detail.

For instance, it’s most common between people to have such case, preventing them from having an everyday healthy life, where they can practice all their duties and daily tasks as they used to do. Due to ageing, it’s more likely to develop one or more of these issues, and it’s one of the geriatric signs.

Treatment is a mix up between drug therapy and physiotherapy, and it’s mainly aiming to improve the current situation. While the best treatment is always preventing by following a healthy lifestyle and practising a sort of daily exercise.

To get a full image, let’s go deeper into the back pain and arthritis details, showing the causes, symptoms, and treatments.


Back Pain

Ironically, symptoms could be concluded into the title, as a patient would feel pain in his back vertebrae or around his back muscles in general. It could spread down to cause lower back pain and continue to reach out to his legs and feet.

Let’s go first with the leading causes of back pain and power back pain.


Back Pain causes

Back Pain Causes

Too many causes, yet the same symptom. It could vary according to each case, between which we can mention the following:


–        Muscle and Ligament Strain:

Back pain could be initially due to muscle strain throughout back muscles. It could be due to heavy lifting using wrong and unhealthy techniques.

Most likely, it could cause lower back pain.


–        Back Bulging & Disk Rapture:

Lower back pain and back pain, in general, could be due to back structure deformation, like having a prominent vertebra or a ruptured disk.

Disks are working as cushions between backbones to absorb friction and shocks. These disks could be subjected to an overload or a shock leading to a disk rapture.


–        Arthritis:

due to many reasons, and it occurs mainly in the hands and knees joints. However, osteoarthritis would mostly lead to lower back pain and pressure on the spinal cord, affecting nerves.


–        Sciatica:

It’s when the disk between two bones is displaced, putting extra pressure on nerves, causing lower back pain that spreads down to the legs.


–        Hunched Back:

Unfortunately, it’s a bad habit that we all do unconsciously due to how we sit down during our job days, how we drive, and our body positions during any activity in general.

We put our bodies into many testing positions, leading to severe consequences.


–    Osteoporosis    :

Osteoporosis leads to bones low density, weakening vertebrae and causing lower back pain and back pain in general.


Moreover, back and lower back pain could be due to diseases and infections, like a vertebral bacterial infection or a tumour into vertebral bones.

This pain is considered one of the most painful experiences a human could go through; that’s why it’s pretty mandatory to provide a suitable treatment for each case.

However, within lower back pain causes, some risk factors could indicate having such pain in the future.

Between which we can mention the following.


Risk Factors

–        Ageing risk increases directly with age, significantly beyond the forties.

–        Weak muscles around the back and abdominal area due to years of not practising any kind of sport or physical training.

–        Obesity and overweight might put extra pressure on the backbones and disks, causing lower back pain.

–        Battling against many diseases, such as cancer.

–        Heavy weight lifting without taking the correct position, as we should put the pressure mainly on our feet, not our back.

–        Being subjected to stress diseases, depression, or anxiety, knowing that our mental state could play games with our back pain and lower back pain.

–  Smoking also prevents good blood flow from reaching the vertebral, which could lead to many back problems and, finally, lower back pain or back pain in general.


Back Pain complications


Back Pain Complications

Like any other disease or illness, not having proper treatment for lower back pain would lead to many more complications. Such as:

–        Nerve damage

–        Losing capability of moving as used to be.

–        Gaining more weight and obesity due to not moving.

–        Falling into stress and many more mental disorders could reach having depression.

–        Having problems sleeping and suffering from insomnia.


Back Pain Treatment

Treatment ways vary according to the primary cause leading to the pain, and it’s vital to have a detailed diagnosis to face the initial reason.

From its side, 7keema for home nursing services provides many efficient solutions to contain such pain and give proper care. Between many benefits, elderly care comes as a master solution, as the elderly are the most likely to have lower back pain or back issues. In addition to the physiotherapy service that could be useful during the treatment process.

Treatments are set according to the doctor diagnosis, and it could include drug therapy only for mild and moderate cases.

Meanwhile, surgical intervention could be required for some severe and complicated cases.

Knowing that physiotherapy could be advised for many cases helps recover and maintain back structure.

On the other side, following some valuable habits from a young age would be the first line against having lower back pain or any different kind.

–        Physical exercise and practising sport daily.

–        Gain a suitable muscle mass.

–        Avoid obesity, and keep weight to healthy limits.

–        Quit smoking.

–        Sitting upright and ensuring having healthy positions.

–        Take the proper position when lifting a heavyweight.




rheumatoid is strongly connected to back pain, which’s clear and obvious concerning treatments.

Usually, it could be due to ageing and growing older, leading to cartilage erosion as a consequence of years of friction and movement. Meanwhile, rheumatoid is a disease that could have a more profound impact on the human body.

Arthritis or rheumatoid leads to many variable symptoms, which we can mention.


Arthritis Symptoms

–        Pain around the infected area.

–        Stiffness.

–        Swollen the infected joint.

–        Red skin around the joints.

–        Losing the ability to move normally.

–        High temperature around the damaged joint.

–        Feeling tired and exhausted.

–        Skin rash.

–        Losing weight, obviously.

–        Dry eyes and mouth.

In addition to all these symptoms, pain is always present and increases with motion.

Out of these symptoms, it’s kind of necessary to find out why someone could have arthritis to prevent and treat as well.


Arthritis causes


Arthritis Causes & Risk Factors

In fact, there’re two leading causes of that we better mention.


–        Osteoarthritis:

It plays a significant role in lower back pain and is also a leading cause of arthritis.

In general, osteoarthritis is an erosion of the cartilage layer existing between two bones working as cushions to contain friction and maintain smooth motion.

Any damage that could infect this layer will probably lead to arthritis, causing all mentioned symptoms and making it hard to have a normal life.


–        Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Rheumatoid is a disease that’s due to some immunity issues.

For instance, the immunity system starts to attack the cartilage layer all over the body, leading to rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, which are quite similar to arthritis ones.

Obviously, rheumatoid arthritis could lead to many more severe complications, as it could extend to hit the bones tissues near the infected area and make it even worse to handle.


Alternatively, after mentioning the leading arthritis causes, it’s essential to know some more risk factors that could indicate having similar symptoms in the future, whether for rheumatoid arthritis or arthritis.

–        Family history, as it could be due to many heritage factors.

–   Age, like rheumatoid arthritis or arthritis in general, is more common between the elderly and people over 60.

–        Previous injuries to body joints.

–        Obesity and overweight, as any extra weight, can put a lot of pressure on the body structure and bones.


Arthritis tratment

Arthritis Treatment & Prevention

treatments would vary according to the cause and severity of the patient’s symptoms.

However, it should be diagnosed by a specialist doctor and accordingly set a treatment plan. Whether it’s rheumatoid arthritis or due to typical causes, a patient should always treat it according to scientific ways and avoid any significant complications.

From its side, 7keema provides many home nursing services that could offer proper help regarding rheumatoid arthritis or arthritis in general. In fact, now you can ask for physiotherapy treatment through 7keema mobile application and receive it at home.

On a medical level, arthritis treatment would be through fixing the infected joint for a while. Also, a doctor would recommend mixing many treatments to reach the best outcome.

For drug therapy, it could be recommended to have many pain killers, anti-inflammatories, and corticosteroids.

On a higher level, surgical intervention could be required if it’s a severe case or after trying typical ways of treatments without any improvement.

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