Corona Virus, What’s next?
For more than a year, the whole planet is suffering from the corona pandemic. It caused a lot of panic, fear, and anxiety.
People started to worry more about themselves, their families, and their beloved ones, which led them to take some more protective actions.
A lot of our daily routine has changed; staying home is all we can do now. And if we have to go out a lot of precautions must be taken.
We had really missed being in contact, hugging each other, shaking hands, and live freely.
However, it’s not done yet!
Like any virus, the Corona Virus or COVID-19 keeps mutating and changing in its genetic traits.
For example, a mutation had been revealed in the United Kingdom lately, causing a 70 % increase in the infection rate. While some scientists claim that also the death rate had increased by 30 %.
For instance, this mutation was also shown in several other countries, such as Brazil and South Africa.




What are the Corona Virus’s most prevalent symptoms?

 It’s widely known that the Corona Virus affects people differently.
For instance, there’re so many factors concerning how severe the symptoms are.
Such as health condition, age, and if the patient suffers from any chronic diseases.


So what are the most common Corona Virus symptoms?

 Pink Eyes: the eyes get red in an obvious way; sometimes, they may swell and secrete many tears.
This symptom is connected to the eye’s effect concerning infection, as it’s proved that the virus can be transmitted to the lungs through the eye’s mucosa.
Hearing Troubles: it’s now considered one of the new symptoms of the Corona Virus. The patient would hear a buzz in one ear or both, coming from inside his ears, and nobody else hears it but him.
According to some statistics, almost 7.6 % of Corona Virus patients would suffer from the buzzing ear.
Digestive System Complications: moreover, Corona Virus could cause some digestive problems, such as diarrhea and vomiting.
However, it also has a direct effect on kidneys, liver, and intestines.
Laziness & Weakness: a common Corona infection symptom is to feel weak and lose the ability to practice your daily routine.
As the body is fighting the virus, it makes the patient feels exhausted and tired.
Fever, Coughing, and Loss of smell: it’s widely known for people, and usually, when someone feels these symptoms, he would isolate himself at home carefully until he took a Corona Test.
Knowing that the Corona Virus incubation period is estimated to be between 3 to 7 days, some cases 14 days.


uncommon corona symptoms

Uncommon Corona Virus Symptoms

  For instance, some uncommon symptoms could indicate infection with Corona Virus.
Heart Palpitations: The heartbeats rate increases in an obvious way, revealing a problem in the autonomic nerves.
The patient’s heartbeats could reach 100 beats per minute and more.
Brain Disorders: Corona Virus could also affect mental health, as it reduces the blood amount reaching up to the brain, which could cause some hallucination.
Typically, any of these symptoms would disappear in one or two days maximum. If not, help should be asked, consider a doctor’s advice, and in some cases, you should head directly to the hospital to receive all the mandatory care.
Obviously, people with weak body immunity or chronic diseases would have a high risk of suffering from complications.
Such as people with asthma, diabetes, cardiac diseases, lung diseases, and excessive obesity.
Also, cancer patients should take extreme majors to protect themselves from Corona Infection, as their immunity system is fragile.
No doubt smoking is very harmful in general, and through the Corona Pandemic in particular, it’s unhealthy for the lungs and could cause severe complications.
That’s why smokers should quit as soon as possible.
Moreover, elderly people and pregnant women are also facing a high risk due to their immunity system.


corona virus


What to do to prevent Corona Virus?

Especially for those with high risk.
Some simple instructions that we all know, but we have to insist on and always recall to people to make them aware all the time.
Stay home, don’t go out unless it’s something urgent. And in case you have to, make sure to wear a facemask all the time.
Avoid crowded areas, and always keep a safe distance between you and others. Also, avoid touching with others as much as you can.
Hand sterilization periodically while going out, and avoid touching your face with your hands.
Use the facemask only once, and make sure of not wearing the same one for a long time.
Please wash your hands with water and soap carefully when it’s available.
If you feel any of the above symptoms, you should stay at home no matter what. To avoid infection and to receive proper treatment.
Don’t travel unless it’s necessary.
Eat healthily and practice a lot.
Sun exposure for enough time daily to receive Vitamin D.


home isolation


How to self-isolate at home?  

In case of infection and symptoms showing up, you should not hurry to the hospital immediately.
Keep in mind that we are in the middle of a pandemic and that all hospitals are receiving hundreds of patients every day; you won’t find a place easily.
For instance, if you’re suffering from moderate to weak symptoms, it’s better to stay at home, self-isolate, and receive proper treatment.
Here’s what to do:
Ask for a doctor’s advice, and follow his instructions.
Eat healthy food.
Drink enough fluids daily to avoid any clots.
Please don’t leave your room, unless it’s for the toilet.
In case you have to go out, a facemask is obligatory.
Don’t receive any guests at home.
Always clean surfaces and door handle.
Put the food tray on the room’s door, don’t contact the patient directly.
Avoid going inside the patient’s room.
Please do not use any of the patient tableware and tools, and it’s recommended to use disposable materials.
Get rid of the patient’s garbage in a proper way.


Corona Patient Mental state.

For instance, the mental state is the main factor regarding recovering; if he feels he can do it, he will do it.
Fear and anxiety could negatively affect the recovering process and weaken the immunity system.
Therefore, people that surround the patient should cheer him up and give him positive energy.
Also, they should avoid making him feel outcast and alone while they are keeping themselves safe.
In case you couldn’t receive proper treatment, you can ask for a home isolation service, such as what 7keema can offer. A complete home isolation packages, from which you can choose what suits you.


Why is home nursing considered better than going to a hospital?

These days, hospitals are working with a total capacity. So if we can stay at home and receive proper treatment, let’s do it to provide a place for those who need it.
Also, to make sure you’re not infecting anyone or infected by anybody.
However, home nursing now can provide all that you need, a highly trained staff can be at your doorstep any time and offer you a good nursing service.
7keema is a leading company in such a field, providing different home nursing services, including medical transport.


corona virus

Wrong concepts about Corona Virus

Excessively using alcohol, which is not the totally right thing to do. It could affect your skin badly.
Using a facemask for long times reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain, which also not accurate. Though wearing a facemask for a long time is not comfortable, but still not reducing anything.
Pets could be infected or transmit infection, which is not valid.
Supplements help fast recovery, which is totally untrue.
Finally, all humanity is facing a considerable threat. We had lived a tough year, and it seems we still in the middle of it.
However, some hope glows by reaching some vaccines, but it would take time to end it.
Until then, follow the prevention instructions and stay safe.
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