6 Reasons of Obesity that blocks you to live a healthy life

A woman in her 20s named Alyaa, raised up to be known of her love of life. But she has developed a certain amount of shyness, worry, fear, and other competing emotions that make her feel down or low on herself over time after putting on noticeable weight. Alyaa was extremely anxious due to her weight, even if the general shape should not be the focus of self-confidence or even that self-love should not be related to the form of the body. She made the decision to know more about weight gain, causes of obesity, and ways to prevent it in the first place as a result.

Here, we wish to emphasize the primary factors that contribute to overweight, however it’s important to realize that only for health-related reasons. And if you struggle with overweight like Alyaa that doesn’t mean you should feel down. If you wish to prevent overweight for just health-related reasons and want to know more info such like its origins, you can continue this article from here we just want to note that “Self-love and appreciation have nothing to do with appearance”.


What is extreme obesity?

This disease has become the most-common disease nowadays because of its health risks, and if we come to the mainstream definition we can describe it as an abnormal accumulation of fat in the body that increases weight because of the imbalance between the number of calories entering the body and the number of calories being burned

We can say too many, some of them are psychological, others are pathological. But there are some main causes of obesity that we can mention so that you pay attention to them:


Lack of body movement


– Lack of movement:

May be it’s one of the most common causes of obesity due to calories that enter the body are more than those which burn due to lack of body movement to the person causing body over-weight that leads to erode cartilage, knee pain and joints roughness. Although there are some reasons which require a person to sit down a lot, such as the nature of work in an office and being in front of a computer, or the type of a person’s life in general may not require a lot of movement, but a person must set some sport goals for himself/herself throughout the day because lack of movement can cause many health effects,

High Cholesterol

– Obesity

– Heart Diseases

– Strokes


Some problems in the circulatory system, such as weakness and lack of blood flow to the legs and extremities

Muscle loss

Bones Weakness

Movement difficulties

lack of concentration

At some points, obesity may lead to depression

The causes of obesity are many, and there are significant consequences for the body such as lack of movement and others. To limit those consequences, we advise you to:

– Do sports

– Walk every day from 30 to 50 minutes

– Going for some rides by walking instead of using the car or transportation

– Running weekly from 3 to 5 times


Eating too much


Eating too much:

If the entry calories rate is greater than the body’s need and without movement in exchange for this amount of calories, then the body stores extra fats and accumulates it in the body, which leads to obesity

There are some types of food that contain more calories than others, like:

– Fried food

– Fast food

– Food that contains too much sugar

– Soft drinks

– Processed juices

– Carbohydrate-rich foods are one of the biggest causes of obesity


Here are some steps you can follow to avoid obesity:


– Eating a lot of fiber:

because fiber moves slowly in the digestive system, the feeling of satiety and fullness lasts longer, and the desire to eat, and thus appetite, decreases.


– Keeping the body hydrated:

by drinking water continuously throughout the day, you can reduce your appetite and stop overeating.


– Yoga exercising:

Regular meditation practice helps the body avoid eating too much or in other words, improves diet and healthy lifestyle.


– Avoid being on a diet all the time:

Eating too much means avoiding too much food, which is not helpful at all. The goal is to improve diet, not to avoid food.


– Doing sports:

Some sports such as swimming, cycling, or physical activity generally, burn large numbers of calories.



According to a study that took place by 2012, the negative effect of sleep deprivation which is one of the causes of obesity for children and adults, is caused by sleep deprivation on appetite hormones increases the Ghrelin hormone, which increases the appetite for food, it depresses the Leptin hormone which is responsible for suppressing appetite for food which increases the risk of obesity. Irregular sleep also increases the fat ratio around the abdomen by 9%, while increasing the abdominal fat by 11%.


Affected by some diseases


– Facing some diseases:

Facing some diseases is one of the main causes of obesity and it affects a huge no. of obesity patients. not all causes of obesity are due to over eating, so you must take care if you face any of the following diseases:


– Thyroid insufficiency:

Infection of the thyroid gland greatly affects the functions of the entire body, and it releases a hormone called thyroxin, which mainly affects fat burning. When this hormone is secreted, the burning rate decreases significantly causing obesity.

In addition to the feeling of laziness which causes a lack of movement and thus not burning calories that enter the person’s body, bearing in mind that the infection of the gland opens the appetite and causes more food to be eaten.


– Low blood sugar ratio:

One of the causes of obesity is low blood sugar ratio, which gives a feeling of permanent decline, so the person needs to eat sugars to balance the person. One of the causes of obesity is the frequent and large consumption of these sugars, which increases a person’s weight or makes you obese. On the other hand, people must balance his intake of sugars or sweets so as not to cause himself to gain weight. In this case, a person with a low blood sugar level should follow up with a specialist doctor to avoid weight gain.


Hormones disorder


Hormone disorder:

Hormones disorder is one of the most common causes of obesity, in addition to other changes in the body’s organs, for example, ovarian cysts are one of the causes of obesity due to hormonal imbalance and its effect on blood sugar.


For a woman, you can notice a hormonal imbalance in several things, such as:

– Irregular menstruation

– Significant increase in body hair

– Facing difficulty getting pregnant

In such cases or hormonal imbalance, a specialist doctor should be consulted and followed up with him.


– Cushing syndrome:

One of the causes of obesity is increased levels of the hormone cortisol in the blood.

Common signs and symptoms of Cushing’s

– syndrome include:

– Weight gain and fatty tissue deposits, especially around the middle and upper back, and in the face (the so-called moon face).

– Pink or purple stretch marks (streaks) on the skin of the abdomen, thighs, breasts, and arms

– Thin, weak skin that bruises easily

– Slow healing of wounds, insect bites, and infections

– Acne (pimples)

– When the level of cortisol in the blood increases, it affects the distribution of body fat, which accumulates more in specific areas such as the back and waist.


Kidney Disease:

When the body suffers from fluid retention, it appears swollen and excessive in weight, and it may be a temporary problem in some cases and not a pathological symptom, such as the period before menstruation. This retention of body fluids can lead to several diseases, such as kidney disease, so you should consult your doctor in case of fluid storage in the body.


Overweight can be due to genetic causes


Genetic Factors:

Due to many studies, genetic factors are also considered one of the main causes of obesity with up to 40%, and sometimes up to 70%, there are about 50 genes in the body that are responsible for the genes for excessive obesity.

In this case, the doctor would require the patient to diet. and these habits won’t change the genes for weight gain but modify the unhealthy lifestyle to regain his health and weight.


Psychological factors:

Anxiety, stress,over thinking, staying up late not only leading to depression but also it is one of the causes of obesity or even the difficulty of losing excess weight. A Swedish study has confirmed that obesity in cases of anxiety is caused by the immune system attacking the responsible and controlling molecules in the appetite centers in the brain, which impedes the work of satiety cells when anxious person.

Depression leads to self-neglect, which leads to fitness in food and fat in particular. People also rely on fast food from outside the home. To resist obesity and lose weight we need to stress off, including knowing how to cope with stress, knowing how to manage negative emotions or anger through exercise, learning to relax by taking a breath, doing yoga or going to a psychiatrist.

The causes of obesity are many, including organic and psychological and they have a lot of damage to any person, whether at the physical level, such as impeding free movement and feeling of permanent inactivity


Some diseases caused by overweight

They can also cause many diseases, such as:

– heart disease and clogged arteries.

– stroke

hypertension and cholesterol

– The second type of diabetic disease, overweight can affect how insulin controls sugar levels in the blood.

– Some types of cancer, Like uterus, cervix, endometrium, ovary, breast, and colon, and bitterness, liver, and pancreas.

– Digestion problems

– Increasing the risk of stomach burn, gallbladder disease, and liver problems.

– Sleep apnea, people with overweight are more likely to experience sleep apnea, a serious and potential disorder during which breathing is frequently interrupted and begins during sleep.

– Wrist arthritis, obesity increases pressure on the joints, which causes joint inflammation and at times, complete roughness in the joints, with the need for surgical intervention in extreme cases.


These were the most prominent causes of obesity, which we advise you to avoid for better health, and in return, you should follow a healthy diet and exercise to maintain your weight and health.






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