Stress Diseases, in the Seek for Inner Peace
Life is such a trip that we all go through; it’s full of success and failure, a series of goals that we follow to reach.
We always want to take the challenge, facing different obstacles, and in spite of any condition, it’s like we’re in a race towards a certain goal, though it could not be so obvious.
It’s known that life is not easy, which’s true in so many ways. Imagine you’re a coach for a team, competing in a league, always trying to win, while counterattacks come at the last seconds. So stressful, isn’t it? That is how life could be under the stress symptoms.
Stress symptoms would take place for many reasons, rolling around lifestyle, family, work, relationships, and so many other factors, which leads us to a conclusion that we are all subjected to suffer from stress symptoms, no matter at what age or maturity.
What makes it dangerous is what follows it. So many diseases could take place due to continuous stress, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, and many much more.
Through this time, it would be so helpful to ask for home nursing services to provide suitable healthcare at home without being stressed.
Therefore, we dedicated this article to discuss it in details, concerning stress symptoms, diseases, causes, and how to face it.

What’s Stress?

It’s all what anyone could go through on a daily basis, aims to disturb his inner peace, which would affect all the body’s organs’ health.
Usually, our bodies could contain stress in such different ways, but being stressed all the time would vividly have the symptoms.
We’ll get to know more through the following lines how much the stress symptoms could be dangerous and have so many complications, which include brain malfunction, and so many chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, Alzheimer’s, and more.
It’s known that the body secrets the Cortisol Hormone when the individual is stressed out, which meant to store more fats on the belly and cause obesity and diabetes.
However, home nursing is always the right choice to contain all the stress symptoms and complications.


Stress Diseases syptoms

Stress Symptoms

Symptoms would vary from one to another according to many factors.
But the main stress symptoms that we could mention are:


1-    Insomnia:
Having a good night’s sleep would come to be impossible, as your brain will always keep thinking, analyzing, and planning.
Which could contradict with realizing the desire of sleeping.


2-    High breathing rate:
Which’s one of the main stress symptoms and usually comes with chest pain.
It could be treated by taking a deep breath, trying to relax, and keep doing it until your breathing rate comes to normal.


3-    Chest pain:
It’s having pain in the chest from time to time, but in a continuous way.
And it’s a clear indicator of stress symptoms.


4-    High blood pressure:
Being pressured could cause a disturbance in blood pressure, which could lead the patient to have high blood pressure as a chronic disease.


5-    Headache:
Headache is a remarkable symptom to signify being stressed, knowing that it could be due to many other reasons, so that a doctor visit would be recommended.


6-    Delayed pregnancy:
It’s most likely for women who suffer from stress to face difficulties while trying to get pregnant.


Stress Diseases

Stress Diseases

It never stops at this limit; diseases will follow one by one if not appropriately contained.
A lot of diseases are connected in a way or another with being stressed, led by heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and Alzheimer’s. It’s highly recommended to ask for home nursing services if suffering from such diseases to provide suitable healthcare at home if suffering from such conditions.


Let’s get through different stress diseases:


Heart and Vascular Diseases:
Many doctors and scientists believe that there’s a direct connection between heart diseases and nervous pressure, as it could affect heartbeats rate and cause many problems through the heart functions.
In addition to an indirect connection, which happens due to high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure that could take place as a consequence of stress.
You can read this article to know more about high blood pressure.
A stressed individual would head to eating in a gluttony way or smoking intensively to release some of the pressure he felt, which could damage a lot of his body functions, causing a heart problem.


It could worsen the asthma case if suffering from such diseases as breathing problems are one of the stress symptoms.
On the other hand, some researches have proved that suffering from stress diseases could transmit asthma to our newborn kids.


Diabetes is one of the widely known chronic diseases, and it has two ways to take place, direct and indirect.
The direct way to get diabetes due to pressure is to increase glucose blood levels remarkably, which could cause many complications for diabetes patients.
The direct way is that a stressed individual would use eating as a pressure release, consuming so many calories and fats that lead to obesity and diabetes.
If you want to know more about diabetes symptoms, causes, and types, check out this article.
Taking into consideration that home nursing services would help to provide appropriate healthcare.


With the continuous feeling of pressure and anxiety, the Cortisol hormone is secreted in high levels, which cause fats storage.
Gaining weight excessively would certainly lead to obesity, which is a critical health condition by itself and could cause so many complications, including diabetes and high blood pressure.
To know more about obesity complications and symptoms, check out this article.


One of the most dangerous stress Diseases, as it could lead to hopelessness or worry about everything and get chronic anxiety.


Early Geriatric phase:
It had been proved that stress diseases include geriatric diseases.
And it’s that phase when the body starts to lose its potential gradually and needs help, which could be provided by home nursing services.
If you want to know more about this phase and its consequences, you can check the Geriatric Disease article.


how to faces Stress

How to face stress symptoms?

Unsafe release
It’s most common for many people to use smoking or excessive eating to overcome stress, which, as we said, would lead to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more diseases to count.
In fact, this way is only temporary and would lead to more pressure, anxiety, and stressful days, accompanied by many more stress diseases.


The right confrontation
Facing it is not a science fiction novel; so many people worldwide have faced their stressful moments in the right way, without heading to unhealthy habits, avoiding high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and so many more stress diseases to count.
Here are some tips for affording inner peace:
–        Set a comfortable to-do list to avoid always feeling you’re in a hurry.
–        Take deep breaths from time to time; it helps release pressure.
–        Meditation and Yoga, clearing your mind, would help reduce pressure and anxiety.
–        Make sure to get enough amount of sleep daily.
–        Workout on a daily basis helps a lot in releasing negative energy and pressure.
And always provide the proper healthcare for any stress symptoms or diseases, which could be easily accessible through home nursing services.
Finally, remember that life is simpler to worry about and that your inner peace is worth a fortune. This how should your mindset be like.
For every problem, there’s a solution, and asking for help is not that hard. Home nursing could maintain a lot of these issues by providing the proper care.
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