14 Home Nursing Tips to Provide Elderly Care at Home

Elderly care could represent a challenge for the whole family members due to the amount of effort and focus that must be given all the time. Meanwhile, this care is necessary and always required, yet it’s still as hard as you would imagine. Many families may head to an elderly house or retirement house to provide care for their beloved ones, while home nursing is giving much more efficient solution.

Providing elderly care at home could vary according to many factors, though some main points and essential information could help offer them the perfect care. Based on the elderly health condition, behaviour, and exact age.

Throughout this phase, any individual would face many diseases that would require even a higher level of care. This phase is called the Geriatric phase. It’s when an individual is subjected to many complications that require many measurements and precautions. This article can know more about the geriatric phase and its signs.

On the other side, home nursing is providing a promising solution concerning giving proper elderly care, taking into consideration every single detail. It could be customised according to every case needs, as it could provide three different nursing levels, determined according to what the patient needs. Through 7keema, you can easily access integrated healthcare at home, offered by highly trained staff.

You can check out this article to know more about home nursing services and what 7keema can provide you at home.

Out of these points, we dedicated this article to spread out the main home nursing jobs through the elderly care service, also showing how family members can participate.


put a plan


1-   Have a Plan:

Having a clear plan for every situation is mandatory, whether by giving the service by yourself or asking for a home nursing service, considering any and every possibility.

Planning is mainly an imagining the whole day of an old individual, since waking up till going back to bed, including what has a top priority, and what could be procrastinated; putting first things first is a key. Home nursing always puts what’s in favour of the patient first by following two significant tips.

–        Emergency planning in advance: it’s massively important to be ready all the time and make an advance plan for what could be an urgent need. Whether a home nursing provider or a family member, the care provider should put contacts of the ones to the rescue nearby. Also, the nearest hospital, clinic, or any healthcare institution should be well known.

–        Normal day planning: it’s also essential to have a plan for how the day could go on, considering medicines timing, meals, and naps, including a daily activity that the patient preferred.

On its side, 7keema provides many home nursing services, between them a particular service dedicated only for the elderly care at home.

Moreover, all 7keema’s home nursing services could work together to provide integrated healthcare at home.


2-   No Changes, No Problem:

Ageing could lower the ability to accept a new lifestyle, unlike what it used to be. And when we say lifestyle, we actually mean every single detail about their daily routine, including their object’s location and the timing of meals.

Everyone has a certain arrangement for his belongings, any rearrangement could be maybe acceptable for younger ages, while for elderly, it could be a disaster. Keeping things in their places is essential, which helps the patient reaches out what he needs whenever he wants.

7keema provides a service provider through its elderly care home nursing service who can maintain all these details and keep everything as it used to be.

Psychological Containment

3-   Psychological Containment:

During the geriatric phase, a human being would be feeling so low, which puts an extra load on the care provider to maintain such a burden, preventing from going into depression or anxiety that could lead to even some more serious complications.

The thing rolls around, giving the patient the opportunity to express his feelings and emotions, find a way to tell what’s in mind, which could be the leading family role. Though, the care provider is meant to maintain such a thing by giving the patient the chance to speak and express.

Home nursing is capable of providing a free space where an individual can express and reveal his thoughts and feelings.

Alternatively, the elderly are subjected to many kinds of psychological breakdowns, such as the feeling of impotence, due to their incapability of achieving things on their own without seeking help.


4-   Keep Him Active:

It’s widely influential that the elderly be in a high physical activity, which has an enormous positive influence on physical and psychological health. Activities is a primary blood circulation activator, as much as it gives a good feeling of achievement on a daily basis.

Due to ageing, the elderly would face some issues concerning moving freely that could prevent an active life, which could be a normal consequence of arthritis or osteoporosis.

For instance, variable exercises suit every case for whatever physical state. Seeking a home nursing service could be highly useful concerning physical activity. The care provider would help out the patient walking or practising any activity for 15-30 minutes, not only helping but also ensuring that this is a daily task that should be done.

Moreover, physical activities help keep a good shape and weight, prevent obesity, control many heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and much more.

Home nursing would provide a caregiver that stays with the patient all over the day and ensures having some activity sessions once in a while.


Ready For Emergency


5-   Ready For Any Health Emergency:

Let’s be logical, and health emergencies are more frequent during the geriatric stage. Therefore, being always ready is not an option.

Whether a family member or a home nursing provider, the caregiver should have at least a basic knowledge of first aid principles and CPR. As much as it is massively necessary to have a complete first aids kit always nearby, in anticipation of any incident like wounds, burns, or whatever.

7keema provides through the elderly care home nursing service a care provider who’s highly trained to deal with such urgent cases.

On the other side, we highly recommend everyone know more about first aids, which could be lifesaving.


6-   Devise a Daily Routine:

For the elderly, it’s pretty evident that routine isn’t that boring for them. For instance, it could be even helpful for them to stick to a daily routine; it could increase the feeling of safety and comfort.

While putting an advanced plan (1st tip), the care provider should consider what the patient likes to do and include it. It’s better to schedule the high physical activities in the morning for a good temper and mood that usually takes place during such time.

Providing a home nursing service from 7keema to offer elderly care would cover such a point and give an excellent opportunity to have a daily routine.


provide limeted options


7-   Give Options, But Few:

Getting old doesn’t mean losing free will.

For instance, humans always love to choose, have an option, and feel in control, and it’s no different during the geriatric phase.

However, the ability to take a decision could be affected in a way or another, especially for Alzheimer’s patients. That’s why the care provider should always give options to the patient to choose from without confusing him, which could be realised by giving two or three options maximum.

Obviously, the caregiver should respect the elderly choices and stick to them. For example, the provider may give two or three options while wearing clothes, let the patient choose between two meals for diner.

Home nursing service makes sure to respect the elderly’s choices and give them the right to decide.


8-   Home Safety:

The main question that should jump to our minds when providing elderly care; is it safe at home?

The reason we ask such a question is that during the geriatric phase, people are more likely to be injured due to home incidences.

Moving around for the elderly couldn’t be as simple as it sounds, even if it’s within a home. People are more likely to have osteoporosis while ageing, which put an additional risk to be injured seriously due to a simple shock.

Moreover, their steps could be heavy, and any little barrier could lead to a severe accident.

Meanwhile, for Alzheimer’s patients, sharp tools and combustible material should be kept away from them in an unreachable location.

7keema provides an elderly caregiver through its home nursing services, trained to prevent such accidents and keep the patient safe.


new door locked


9-   New Locks for Doors: (Alzheimer’s patients)

Alzheimer’s patients probably develop many illusions and hallucinations, which could lead them to wander around and maybe get lost.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to put some new locks on the house door, locks the patient isn’t used to, which prevent him from going outside by himself a losing track to come back.

Keeping an eye is not always sufficient to prevent such a thing, even with a care provider’s help through a home nursing service.

Knowing that the patient is not actually in his whole mental state, we can understand how dangerous this could be, saving from many more critical consequences.

Providing a home nursing service could be an excellent option, though your safety precautions should always be taken.


10-    Neighbors Assistance:

As we live in communities, we’re meant to help each other.

It’s highly recommended that the family explain the case aspects to their neighbours, seeking efficient assistance if possible.

Neighbours assistance is mainly about reporting any strange events coming out from the patient’s apartment. If the patient was seen wandering around alone, they could stop him and help him back home or at least give a call to one of his family members.

Although, 7keema could provide an elderly sitter through its elderly care home nursing service, who can always be around to prevent any such thing, or at least be the first one to answer the call.


bath mat


11-     Bathing Tools:

Hygiene for the elderly could be challenging, requiring assistance during bath time. Whether it’s provided by a family member or a home nursing provider, safety should be guaranteed.

Some tools could be helpful to keep safety intact, such as a bathtub mat that prevents from sliding while bathing by giving more friction. Also, a bath chair is highly recommended to be used.

Meanwhile, the home nursing provider should be responsible for organising towels and clothes in order of usage.

It’s highly recommended to add some armrests by the bathtub sides to give extra support through movement.

On the other side, hygiene is essential to prevent many diseases, such as bed sores and skin infections, as much as it could be challenging and private, as much as it is irreplaceable.


12-    Practical Utensils for Meals:

The elderly could lose control of how they hold something, directly affecting how they eat and drink. It could have a more profound impact if it’s an Alzheimer’s patient, requiring someone to give a hand while eating.

Home nursing could provide an elderly sitter, ready and trained to give such service and help the patient have his meals properly.

Alternatively, using more practical kitchen utensils; using some unbreakable materials could be an extra point to avoid accidents and injuries. It’s also preferable to have plates and cooking pots with oversized handles to allow the patient to hold them properly without needing help.


provide help only needed


13-    Help, but not All the Time:

It’s all about self-independence. It’s not healthy to have someone doing everything for you all the time, even for the elderly.

Home nursing service should not replace the elderly, and it should give a push whenever needed. Actually, it’s more efficient for the elderly to do their own staff on their own, and receive the help only when it’s required and mandatory.

7keema for home nursing considers this concept through its elderly care service, giving clear instructions to providers that if he can do it, let him do it.

The primary purpose of having a home nursing service is to have someone to the rescue, not someone to do it all. For example, while having a meal, the patient should provide it by himself under the provider supervision, or while having a bath, the provider should be ready to intervene anytime without cancelling the patient role.

According to home nursing providers, their main job starts when they notice any losing control or suffering coming out from the elderly while doing any job.

This concept significantly reflects the elderly state of mind, as it gives a feeling of achievement and independence.

Accordingly, 7keema presents a significant home nursing service for the elderly, considering all these points.


14-   Listen & Reply:

For the elderly, it’s pretty obvious that they could feel disconnected from their reality.

Therefore, the care provider should give the patient a space to reveal and talk. Alternatively, the patient should find someone to listen to, operate a conversation, and take him seriously.

For instance, this is a split responsibility between the family and the home nursing provider.

7keema for home nursing applies such technique through its elderly care service, aiming to make them feel connected all the time.



These tips set a solid foundation for the elderly care at home, aiming to give the best possible care while living in their homes and between their family members.

Out of these points, 7keema offers several home nursing services that could be integrated to guarantee efficient elderly care at home.

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