Long-lasting Coronavirus Symptoms, -ve isn’t the End

Many symptoms indicate being infected by coronavirus; meanwhile, some could last after, even after having a –ve PCR. We knew that it could take some more time to reach back to the healthy condition another time throughout this pandemic. Which makes us wonder and question, what’s after?

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, scientists and doctors had dedicated their time to study this virus’s symptoms, properties, and complications, trying to reach answers concerning how to avoid and overcome infection.

We found some more symptoms out of this point, and we’re not speaking about the symptoms of the infection itself but what comes afterward. In fact, these symptoms do not mean that this individual is still carrying the virus or causing more infections; instead, these are what he could face during recovery and getting his same old life back.

It’s now possible to ask for a home nursing service to help recovery and overcome coronavirus.


Coronavirus Long-lasting Symptoms

Most probably, coronavirus patients get to heal during a short period that wouldn’t exceed two weeks from diagnosis. However, some people could take even more time according to their health state, age, and many other A

In both cases, a patient could suffer from some symptoms in both cases even after having a –ve PCR called the Covid-19 syndrome or Long-lasting Covid-19. Now you can get PCR from 7keema for home nursing services

This case was named after by “the permanent virus carriers,” despite the inaccuracy of such a description. It could be diagnosed when symptoms last for four consecutive weeks since the first diagnosis.

Lasting coronavirus symptoms could be:

        Constant fatigue

        Problems in breathing


        Joints pain

        Chest pain

        Memory and focus problems

        Sleeping issues

        Muscles pain


        High heartbeats rate

        Keep losing the sense of taste

        Keep losing the sense of smell

        Depression or anxiety


        Dizziness on instant getting up

        Symptoms aggravation while practicing challenging activities

We get a clear point out of these symptoms: these symptoms are pretty similar to those belonging to coronavirus infection. Meaning, the virus has a further influence than we thought that could need weeks, even months, to fully recover from.

That’s why we should head to the safe side, represented by things: having a corona vaccine as soon as possible and use a home nursing service to get healthcare.

Currently, home nursing could provide complete healthcare at home without minding going to a hospital, which could help avoid infection or get proper corona care if infected.


health condition post- corona


Post-corona Health Conditions

As we mentioned, coronavirus prints could last for a long time after healing causing some symptoms, but what’s more dangerous is that it could cause damage to some of our body organs, which could lead to chronic diseases or specific health conditions.

Home nursing has also proved certain reliability concerning chronic diseases overcome in such different ways, check this article to know more about it.


Body organs damage due to coronavirus

It was expected that the virus would cause damage to the lungs only, based on that the virus typically attacks human lungs. However, it has been proven that the coronavirus effect could be depicted on a larger scale.

For instance, studies had proved more organs to be affected due to the virus.

        The Heart:

Many studies found out that the heart could face some complications during coronavirus infection and recovery. Moreover, these complications are threatening for an extended period post-corona that could be measured by months.

The virus could cause heart failure or many other heart conditions such as heartbeats disturbance and unstable blood pressure.



Coronavirus basically causes lungs inflammations, which could be developed into more dangerous complications. It might do certain damage to the lungs’ capillaries or cause lung fibrosis, which results in a long-term, complicated breathing problem.

Home nursing could provide oxygen generators and many other medical devices that could be used to overcome coronavirus.



Coronavirus also has a noticeable effect on brain functions that could lead to strokes in some cases.

Scientists also suppose it could be related to Alzheimer’s disease, which affects brain functions gravely and causes many focus and memory problems. It’s when the patient couldn’t provide his needs by himself and ask for help to get a proper life.

On its side, home nursing is also covering this case by offering an elderly care service. This service is meant to provide an Alzheimer’s patient a healthy, safe, yet happy life.

If you want to know more about Alzheimer’s disease, check this article.  


Blood clots and blood vessels problems

Coronavirus is proven to be increasing the risk of having a blood clot. What happens is that the virus could agglomerate blood cells and compose small blood clots into blood vessels that are meant to nourish the heart.

Moreover, lungs are also subjected to the clots’ danger due to coronavirus, and it’s the main reason for lungs fibrosis.

While facing such complications, external help could take the patient to the safe side, and home nursing is able to provide the help that matters and makes the difference.

Anxiety and Mood Issues

This pandemic had increased our anxiety in an obvious way. However, it couldn’t be compared to what could happen when someone goes through the infection experience, especially if he got severe symptoms.

It could be compared to trauma, as some people have suffered from chronic anxiety and even depression after going through the coronavirus experience.

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is something that could happen to patients post-corona without having an apparent reason for it. What makes it a mystery is that the patient is totally healthy and doesn’t have any critical health condition. He’s just not able to do what he used to do. It would probably take some time.


These complications would make all of us seek to get a corona vaccine, which wouldn’t let us go through this hassle from the beginning.


what a post coronaVirus patient has to do


What should a Patient do after healing from coronavirus?

After recovering from coronavirus, it’s a must for any patient to keep tracking his health condition and seek a specialist’s consultations periodically.

It’s recommended to visit the following doctors’ specializations:









Moreover, it’s highly recommended to ask for post-corona physical rehabilitation, which helps the lungs to recover.

Home nursing service would also provide a physiotherapist, which would facilitate recovery for patients.


who is more subjected - CoronaVirus


Who’s more subjected?

As we mentioned, post-corona symptoms are a real threat for everyone without minding to age. However, it still has a different impact on each one, as it could lead to more complications for some people than others.

In fact, chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol level are the main reason for getting more dangerous complications.

That’s why chronic diseases patients should always control these diseases, limit their danger, and live normally.

Home nursing could offer to give a hand through such things by providing cannula, injections, and catheter services.

We also can’t neglect the age factor, knowing that the human body is less likely to recover and heal while getting older. Therefore, it’s always recommended to offer good care for the elderly, which home nursing could also provide.

Throughout the coronavirus healing phase, a fast recovery would prevent these symptoms and complications. Home nursing is currently offering coronavirus special care, which helps patients overcome it as soon as possible.


corona vaccine- coronavirus


Corona Vaccine is our Hope


On the bright side, coronavirus now could be totally avoided as we get to reach different kinds of corona vaccines.

These corona vaccines have proved a specific efficiency against coronavirus and would be able to give enough protection.

If you want to know more about corona vaccines, you can check this article.


We all hope to come to an end to the coronavirus pandemic, and we’ll surely reach it one day. But let’s make it quicker by sticking to precautions, take the corona vaccine if possible, and ask for home nursing services when needed.

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