Coronavirus Delta Variant, Still has something to Do

It’s been almost two years since the Coronavirus outbreak worldwide, and while people are getting some hopes to get closure due to the Corona vaccine, the virus has made a pretty remarkable update that takes us few steps backward.

According to virology and the science of microorganisms, we learned that these species are more often subjected to mutate due to different circumstances. Most probably, coronavirus had transmitted to humans due to one of these mutations, knowing that it already existed and intruded on several species without causing any harm to mankind.

So far, it doesn’t seem that we’re close to the happy end of this pandemic. Unfortunately, there’re still some shines of hope appear on the horizon due to the massive production of the corona vaccine worldwide.

Some people could be thinking that receiving a corona vaccine or not is something personally that wouldn’t affect anybody else. In fact, it’s more the corona vaccine is our only source of hope, not only for giving us immunity against the virus but also for avoiding new strains of coronavirus.

It’s believed that each strain results from a human infection that has not received proper treatment and was left until it could produce something new, which could be more or less powerful.

Through this pandemic, home nursing had proved a specific efficiency regarding healthcare in general and coronavirus care in particular.

Out of this information, let’s go deeper and know more about coronavirus new strains.


Different CoronaVariants

Different Corona Variants

Many variants have taken place in different countries worldwide, and some were named after the first country to record them.

Between them, we can mention the British, Brazilian, South African, and lately the Indian. Let’s know more details:

–  Alfa variant: recorded in the United Kingdom for the first time (British variant) and kept spreading around 50 more countries.

–  Beta variant: the first case was in South Africa and was recorded in 20 more countries.

–  Gamma variant: initially in Brazil, and also recorded in 10 more countries.

–  Delta variant: recorded for the first time in India, which caused many consequences to the healthcare system in India.

So many statistics showed that the Delta variant is now the main responsible of coronavirus cases around the world. On their side, the British government claimed that it’s currently responsible for almost 90% of the cases. Crossing the Atlantic, the United States of America also claimed that it caused around 80% of cases there.

These statistics tell us one thing: the virus is now more contagious.


what's different between variants

What’s Different between Variants?

Many mutations have occurred since the first coronavirus case recorded, and what caught our attention is those mutations regarding the crown proteins covering the virus. These proteins are meant to attach to humans body cells and cause infection.

It’s known that the Delta variant has a specific element, which has remarkably increased the infection rate more than any other strain. This element is scientifically referred to by L452R.

Meanwhile, variants Alfa, Beta, and Gamma have an element referred to by N501Y, which facilitate the cell attachment of the virus.

Also, Beta and Gamma variants have another element referred to by E484K, which helps the virus avoid the body’s immunity.

These amendments had led to a more spreading coronavirus, as statistics show that an individual infected by the Delta variant could spread it to 3.5-4 other people, which’s an infection rate higher than the Alfa variants by 50%, which’s also higher than the original strain by 50%.

Meaning that the virus now is twice contagious as before, and that’s when we should consider home nursing to get healthcare to avoid any infection.


Delta Variant Symptoms

For instance, the Delta Variant has no different symptoms compared to its initial strain. Symptoms are quite similar to those of flu, which could let people mixing them up.

It’s highly recommended that when you develop any symptom, you head to home quarantine, which could be provided by home nursing services.

Coronavirus symptoms are mainly:

–        Cough

–        Throat sores

–        Fever

–        Troubles breathing

–        Vomiting

–        Losing the sense of smell

–        Losing the sense of taste

–        Headache

–        Muscle Pain

–        Diarrhea

If you want to know more about coronavirus symptoms and complications, you can check this article.

Moreover, home nursing is always an option to provide proper care regarding corona infection. Also, we should seek to get a corona vaccine as soon as possible.


Is Delta Variant More Dangerous?

Here comes the worthy question as we still don’t know a lot about it until now. However, the coronavirus Delta variant is still under study, and scientists are still trying to figure out how far it could cause damage to human health.

Right now, there’s no clear evidence that tells it’s more dangerous or that it could cause different symptoms and complications.

On the other side, some studies and research had proved that the Delta variant is now more risky for youth and kids than before. Giving us an indicator about how dangerous it became, as it was known before that coronavirus has not had a high risk on youth and kids.

Despite the same symptoms, the Delta variant is believed to have a high capacity for infection and reproduction into the respiratory system, which explains why the symptoms now take less time to take place.


coronaVaccine facing delta

Corona Vaccine Facing Delta Variant

It was considered tremendous progress for mankind to reach a corona vaccine in such short notice; in less than a year, we got several vaccines, not only one.

Corona vaccines have proved a certain efficiency regarding giving immunity against coronavirus, which leads us to say it loud and clear: “get vaccinated.”

However, corona vaccines were designed to fight the original strain of the virus, so are they still effective against the Delta variant?

So many doctors and scientists think it’s too soon to give such a judgment. Still, we have some givens that could lead to a trustful expectation.

It’s believed that someone who had got a corona vaccine could still get infected, though the opportunity of suffering from severe symptoms of infection is relatively low. And it could easily be contained through home quarantine, or at least ask for a home nursing service that provides it.

On the other side, people who didn’t get a corona vaccine are more likely to suffer from severe symptoms that could need hospital care. Also, home nursing could provide the proper care for severe cases at home quickly.

Some studies claim that having two doses of Pfizer corona vaccine or AstraZeneca corona vaccine is meant to give a 90% protection against the Delta variant, though having only one dose could not be enough.

Moreover, so many countries worldwide are getting ready for a third boosting dose of the corona vaccine, which’s believed to increase its efficiency against the Delta variant.

And always have to remember that the corona vaccine is our chance to get out of this tunnel. Also, home nursing could be helpful to avoid infection or to get the proper care.

If you want to know more about corona vaccines and how they work, check this article.


What You Need To Know About Delta Variant

In conclusion, let us brief it up to get a full image of it.

Delta variant is believed to be responsible for almost 90% of coronavirus cases worldwide. We still have to keep our precautions procedures up and take them seriously.

Having a corona vaccine is our way out from this black tunnel to avoid infection and avoid new strains and variants.

Home nursing could be helpful to avoid hospital infection regarding healthcare in general. Moreover, home nursing is also capable of providing proper care to mild and moderate coronavirus cases.

Surprisingly, home nursing can nowadays offer a whole home ICU to contain any complication.

Home quarantine is what you have to do once symptoms developed to avoid spreading the virus. You can ask for a home nursing service to make it perfect or check this article.

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