Black Fungus, The Black Danger!

The black fungus or the “Mucormycosis” comes to add a bit more worry after knowing that it has been widely diffused in India through the last Corona wave.

A huge pandemic has attacked the world throughout the last year and a half. And while some hopes are rising concerning a good end for such a nightmare, a new threat appears to be as dangerous as Covid-19, maybe more deadly, Throughout this pandemic, home nursing has proved a great efficiency regarding recovery and infection control.

Which had been reported catastrophic, as considerable death cases had been connected to the “Mucormycosis.”

However, Fungus is not only related to India.

As a matter of fact, the black fungus is surrounding us almost everywhere.

That’s why we should consider increasing our knowledge about such threats to prevent the black fate.

Tons of questions role around:

Is it deadly? Is it contagious? How to get infected? Is it related to the Covid-19? What happens to our Immune system? And much more to answer.

Therefore, we will discuss some facts about the black fungus or the Mucormycosis through this article.

What’s the black fungus? What’s the Mucormycosis?   

Mother Nature contains several kinds of life.

We know that we as humans belong to animal life. Living by the side of plants live, while microorganisms exist around.

However, fungi don’t belong to any of these kinds of life. It’s a family of its own that lays between the animal and the plant life.

Surprisingly, you had been exposed to the Mucormycosis several times throughout your life without been infected, which is not something incredible, by the way.

The black fungus, or the Mucormycosis, exists in soil, manure, plants, vegetables, and fruits. Moreover, it could be found in the air and in the nose of healthy people.

Which pops up a worthy question: if it’s always around us in peace, what happened?

To answer, first, we should know that being infected by the black fungus is not something new. Still, it was very rare.

The Mucormycosis needs a weak immune system, so it could cause an infection, which is most likely to happen for corona patients.

A weak immune system is generally caused by chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Also, people diagnosed with cancer that requires having immunosuppressive drugs would suffer from a low immune system.


Black Fungus& corona

Corona Virus connection to Black Fungus.

For instance, the coronavirus doesn’t have any direct connection with the Mucormycosis.

Being infected with Covid-19 doesn’t mean that you’re going to be infected with the black fungus.

So, what happened in India?

In fact, it’s not the coronavirus that caused this infection; it’s the treatment.

Doctors assume that using steroids while treating the coronavirus requires effects that could trigger the Mucormycosis infection.

Steroids could reduce inflammation in the lungs, which is essential in several Corona cases.

However, they also weaken the immune system by pushing the blood sugar levels to extreme levels, which also negatively affects the immune system.

Moreover, doctors also suppose that due to the Coronavirus, serum Iron increases in an obvious way, which creates a suitable environment for the fungus to grow.

Other accusations refer to long-term ventilation, which is supposed to cause a reduction in the immune system. And an assumption had revealed that it had been transmitted by the humidifier water served along with the oxygen.


Through the Corona Crisis, people were searching for the best health care. While home nursing now could provide high-quality care through this pandemic, more safe and efficient.


Fungus symptoms

Mucormycosis Symptoms and Complications.

It’s going to be obvious and clear through some symptoms.

Generally, the black fungus exists and grows in the nasal cavity.

It starts to release some destructive juices that kill the tissue cells, starting from the nose reaching out to the eyes and the brain.

Knowing that nasal cavity bones and sinuses are also suspected of infection and destruction.


So, what are the main symptoms of Mucormycosis?

1-   Bleeding and stuffy nose.

2-    Headaches.

3-    Drowsiness.

4-     Limb weakness.

5-     Swelling and pain in the eyes.

6-     Eyelids drooping.

7-     Blurred or lost vision.

8-    Unable to move eyeballs.

9-    Double vision.

10-  Black patches around the nose.


Unfortunately, black fungus is considered a deadly disease.

Statistically, Mucormycosis has a 50% mortality rate.

Complications are severe and critical; that’s why a Mucormycosis patient should head to a hospital as soon as possible.

When the black fungus reaches the brain, it’s considered extremely dangerous.

Therefore, in some cases, eyes should be removed surgically to save the patient life.

Sticking to the fact that it’s a rare infection, we could totally avoid it by just keeping our surroundings clean and tidy, increase our immune system potential, and get away from any polluted areas.


Mucormycosis infection

Who’s the most likely to get the Mucormycosis infection? 

Obviously, the black fungus takes advantage of a weak immune system.

That’s why it’s considered a dangerous factor for chronic disease patients and those who suffer from any immune diseases.

From which we can mention:


 Blood sugar levels directly affect our immune system. Making it weaker and more likely to be defeated by a fungi infection.

However, diabetes would be controlled to guarantee a healthy life, which could be provided by home nursing services.

However, diabetes has many complications, which you could know more about through this article.

Cancer patients: 

  It’s a fact that cancer patients have a weak immune system, as they should receive immunosuppressive medications.

Through their treatment, a home nursing service could be very helpful.

Covid-19 patients:

 Throughout the corona treatment, our immune system would be in the weakest condition.

That’s why you should take all the prevention measurements to avoid any complications or any side infection.

Knowing that getting a home nursing service could help recover in your comfort zone.

Currently, there’re many corona vaccines available and authorized by the WHO.

Preventing from getting infected is the best way to stay away from the Mucormycosis infection.

Moreover, people who suffer from trauma, burns, HIV/Aids, and malnutrition are at a high risk of getting such infection.


how to be safe from balck fungus

How to be safe from the Black Fungus? 

Mainly, it is to keep yourself away from any illness or infection by following the precaution measurements, especially during the Corona pandemic.

Also, we can:

1-   Hygiene maintenance.

2-   If a case needs a ventilator, make sure that the humidifier is sterile.

3-   Limit steroids usage and must be under medical surveillance.

4-   Don’t stay with an infected case without any protection.

5-   Those who are in danger should stay away from decaying fruits and vegetables.


Also, it’s better to get health care at home through home nursing services, which could provide the required health care away from any danger.


For instance, the black fungus or the Mucormycosis is not considered pandemic or even has a high infection rate.

However, it’s still a critical infection that should be avoided.

During the Corona Crisis, it’s very important to take it seriously to avoid any dangerous complications.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

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