Elderly Care At Home, Home Nursing for Better Life

Family is our source of wealth, the safe zone where an individual seeks comfort and inner peace. Family is built on bonds, which are based on love, mutual respect, and giving care. It’s when home nursing comes to help out offering proper care, especially for aging people.

While aging, our bodies start to lose a lot of their capabilities and efficiency; it’s a phase called the geriatric stage. Typically, it’s when body cells begin to lose the ability of renovation and decrease organs functionality.

So many symptoms and signs could come with the geriatric phase, known by the geriatric diseases. These diseases would lead to even more complications, which must be adequately contained by providing the proper healthcare.

In light of the constant need to provide the elderly with the proper care, healthcare has proved a particular development through home nursing services.

In fact, 7keema provides a full set of home nursing services to fulfill healthcare needs. Nowadays, the world is heading to be digitalized, especially during the corona pandemic, which had urged all industries to go forward to cop up with the latest updates.

Despite being challenging for the healthcare industry to go through the digital world, 7keema had found its way through it by launching a mobile application, giving customers easy access to home nursing services, including an elderly care service.


geriatric phrase


7keema Faces Geriatric Phase

A senior would face some health conditions that could obstruct him from having an everyday life and practicing his daily activities through the geriatric phase. Moreover, he could suffer from some geriatric diseases affecting his focus and memory, like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and you should know the difference between both of them. Check out this article to get a full image of the difference.

Alzheimer’s patients would not be really focusing and able to act by themselves; that’s why they should always have someone by their side all the time to provide care. It could be challenging for a family to do such requirements, as every member is on their daily duties, knowing that it could be hard for anyone who is not specialized.

Home elderly care is actually a tricky activity, requiring many qualifications and skills to provide it properly, which increases the importance of home nursing for its compatibility with doing so.

Therefore, anyone who asks for such service should know what home nursing is capable of and wisely pick the service provider to experience a high-quality service. It’s highly recommended to read this article: “how to pick a home nursing service” to fully understand.

From its side, 7keema is providing a unique home nursing service for elderly care and containing the geriatric phase. You can now pick a specialist nurse, technician nurse, or nurse aide according to the case. Offering highly trained staff for injections, cannulas, and catheters if needed.

A medical bed is also available for rent. It’s an easy bend bed, made of some specific materials that are meant to offer its user a comfortable lay down, in addition to so many available medical devices, like oxygen generator, BiPAP, CPAP, Vacuum, Monitor, and more.

Obviously, home nursing could be the perfect solution to offer elderly care to our beloved ones, as it tends to reach a win-win situation for both the family and the senior.

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Home Nursing Opposite to Chronic Diseases

The geriatric phase is connected with many diseases; as we mentioned before, they could be aging consequences in general, but they have a vast effect on geriatric symptoms.

For example, high blood pressure is one of the most common diseases through the geriatric phase and aging, which couldn’t be neglected under any circumstance. High blood pressure could lead to some severe complications, which you can know more about through this article.    

Hence we still don’t have medicine that’s meant to treat such disease, and it’s hugely important to keep tracking blood pressure levels and seek a doctor consultation periodically while having a healthy nutrition system to keep it under control.

It could be a challenge for seniors to keep tracking and measuring through the geriatric phase, as they could lose the sense of time and focus along their aging process.

Therefore, home nursing is taking all of these factors into consideration by providing highly trained nurses through the elderly care service to make sure they are well taken care of.

Diabetes is another chronic disease that could be linked to the aging and geriatric phase. It’s no less important than high blood pressure, but rather it has some more dangerous complications, threatening seniors’ life.

You can check this article to know more about diabetes and its complications.

7keema can provide the needed care concerning diabetes patients through its home nursing services, whether through elderly care service or wound care (diabetic foot care). One of the primary jobs of a staying nurse is to keep tracking the senior meal’s ingredients and present him what is healthy to avoid diabetes complications like the diabetic foot.

Moreover, 7keema also takes care of diabetic foot patients through the wound care service, in which a nurse would use the Vacuum device to suck out fluids from the wound for quicker healing.

Get to know more about diabetic foot symptoms through this article.

Home nursing also can help controlling more geriatric diseases and aging phase complications, such as obesity, high cholesterol levels, and more. Knowing that 7keema could provide an all-included service.


sineior need's 

Seniors Daily Needs 

While aging and getting into the geriatric phase, many needs pop up more than just controlling some chronic diseases and geriatric symptoms. Home nursing is also taking care of the senior’s daily needs, whether it concerns his lifestyle or psychological state.

These needs could be mentioned as:
1-Keep the senior active:

Aging would lead to inactivity; by its turn, it could lead to some severe complications, which we can mention bed sores on the top of them.

Home nursing would encourage movement and activity through the service provider, who’s meant to help the senior practice some training throughout the day to keep him in shape.

2-Healthy nutrition system:

It’s one of the main 7keema elderly care service duties is to keep tracking the senior’s meals and make sure he has healthy food on his table daily according to his health condition.

3-Personal hygiene:

Home nursing can also maintain the senior’s hygiene, as it could be challenging due to aging.

Hygiene is massively important as it prevents so many complications such as bed sores.

4-Safe moving around:

While aging, it could be challenging moving around due to so many factors; that’s why home nursing make sure that the senior is being supported and watched.

Through the geriatric phase, bones and joints would be less effective than before, which could make movement more challenging.


5-Coronavirus prevention:

Home nursing is meant to protect the senior from any source of infection, as it had been proved that the elderly are more subjected to coronavirus complications.

On its side, 7keema also can provide a home nursing service to help recovery from coronavirus properly.


Family’s Role, 7keema’s Role

Elderly care service from 7keema is only a helping factor. However, the family still has a significant role, and we only aim to provide the proper care for the elderly at their homes next to their beloved ones.

For instance, the primary purpose of home nursing services is to cut distances between seniors and their families; some could head to an elderly care home or a retirement home to overcome the geriatric phase, while we claim that this is no longer required.

On the other side, elderly care at home would help seniors have a stable psychological state and keep their spirits up.

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