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Getting your healthcare is becoming more and easier every day. In light of the world’s latest updates, the digital transformation has something to do with the healthcare field, which had been realized through home nursing services; now, you can order a home nursing service simply through a mobile application.

7keema for home nursing is making it possible through an integrated mobile application that provides the selection of a wide service accessible by a button click from any cell phone, which leads you directly to the digital world of healthcare.

You can now order an elderly care service, post surgeries rehabilitation, wound care, post-pregnancy care for mother and baby, or even transform your house into an ICU, including medical devices and nursing staff.

First of all, let’s know more about the nursing field and get to know what a nurse’s duties are precisely and the different nursing levels?

There’s no doubt that nursing is an essential part of the healthcare field in general, knowing that duties are divided between doctors and nurses in harmony to reach the highest efficiency for the patient.

However, a nurse is mainly responsible for implementing the treatment plan set by the doctors and monitoring the case while providing medicines needed at the right time. But a nurse is not responsible for diagnosing or developing a treatment plan.

Moreover, a nurse would be responsible for any injection procedure, cannula installment, or catheter installment, but did you know that nursing staff is divided into several levels, and every level has specific requirements and duties? So what are the nursing levels?

Specialist Nurse: has a Nursing bachelor’s degree, and he would be able to deal with cannula, injections, or catheters.

Technician Nurse: he would probably have a two-year nursing diploma; he’s also able to deal with injections and cannula but under a specialist authority.

Nurse Aid: most probably, he has not any nursing-related education field. He’s meant to help maintain and provide what a patient would need, such as medicines, meals, and personal hygiene.

Home nursing depends on all these levels, and the right nursing level is selected according to the patient’s needs and health condition.

Hence home nursing is hugely connected with the elderly care service due to what this service could provide for every family; let’s go through its details to know how it’s done.


Home nursing for elderly care

Home Nursing For Elderly Care

There’s always a family member everywhere that requires special care. People over 65 couldn’t provide for their needs by themselves, which could be challenging for the whole family due to their daily duties and jobs.

Therefore, some families would seek retirement homes or elderly care houses to provide the proper care for their elderly. However, the elderly would lose the connection with their families for a long time, and visits would be according to a set schedule, which could badly influence their spirit and psychological state.

On the other side, providing an elderly care service at home would sip this disadvantage, while care is also given in a more focusing way and efficiency.

Out of this point, 7keema for home nursing has launched a whole service only for the elderly, that’s meant to provide care at home, including their daily needs and personal hygiene.

But, how could home nursing provide elderly care?

To understand, first, we have to know more about what the elderly need and face through their lives.


–        Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia:

It’s a widely known geriatric disease; affects the focus, memory, and general ability to live normally. Alzheimer’s disease is a life disturbance for the patient and his whole family; he wouldn’t be able to provide for his needs by himself and would always seek help.

You can know more about Alzheimer’s disease through this article.

Elderly care home nursing service from 7keema would provide nursing staff at home meant to take care of all the patient needs all over the day.


–        Chronic Diseases:

While aging, the risk of getting chronic diseases increases accordingly. That’s why many elderly are suffering from several chronic cases, such as high blood pressure, which requires a lot of care and monitoring all the time.

A high blood pressure patient would need to have a healthy nutrition system and get instant help during urgent times.

If you want to know more about High blood pressure or Hypertension, you can check this article.

So many other chronic diseases are threatening aging people as well, from which we can mention diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity. Meanwhile, home nursing provides an integrated service regarding all these diseases to guarantee a healthy and safe life.


–        Personal Hygiene:

In so many cases elderly wouldn’t be able to provide their own personal hygiene due to their disability to move around correctly or any health condition.

Therefore, 7keema would provide nurse aid through the home nursing service, who are meant to take care of such a point and offer it properly.


–        Osteoporosis:

Bones would lose a lot of their density while aging and become more brittle. That’s why any shock or injury could cause serious damage.

Home nursing is also responsible for helping the elderly through their movement, whether in a house or while going out, to avoid any possible injury.


Main Home Nursing Services

In addition to elderly care service, home nursing is currently able to provide so many other benefits to maintain the whole family’s health condition.

From which we can mention:


–        Quick Services:

These services should be provided by a specialist nurse or a technician nurse, as they are able to give injections and cannulas.

You can order a nurse to come home for your injection when it suits you or when a cannula is mandatory; it wouldn’t be a problem.


–        Wound Care:

Wounds should get proper care to heal quicker and healthier, which is provided by a separate home nursing service.

Currently, 7keema uses a new medical device to suction out fluids from inside the wound, which is called Vacuum.


–        Child Care:

It’s a service meant to help a new mother take care of her newborn baby.


–        Nursing Home Shifts:

Throughout this service, you can ask for a stay nurse to give proper care to any patient at home.

For instance, this service could help out a patient during recovery after surgery at home.


–        Pandemic Care:

During the Coronavirus outbreak, hospitals were crowded. The healthcare system was suffering worldwide, which led 7keema to launch a brand new home nursing service to provide proper care for coronavirus patients at home.


services surrounding

Services Surrounding Home Nursing 

Home nursing has many other services that are not directly connected with it, though they have high importance through providing the services.

7keema is actually providing a whole healthcare experience, including what’s surrounding home nursing.

These services are:


–        Medical Transfer:

It provides ambulance vehicles to transport any case from anywhere if needed. And it’s available in three categories, a regular ambulance vehicle, equipped ambulance vehicle, and an ambulance vehicle with medical staff.


–        Medical Devices:

7keema can provide many medical devices needed through home nursing to guarantee complete and healthy service.

(Nebulizers, Oxygen Generators, CPAP, BIPAP, Monitor)


–        ICU Bed:

7keema also provides an ICU bed, quite similar to what’s provided in a hospital.


–        Physiotherapy:

7keema provides physiotherapy specialists to provide physical recovery help, whether it’s for the elderly, athletes, coronavirus patients, or kids.


–        Medical Consulting:

Now you can get medical advice through 7keema’s medical consulting service.

You can know more about how to pick a home nursing service by checking out this article.


why 7keema


Why 7keema?

Home nursing is becoming more and more credible. It could provide an integrated healthcare service.

Moreover, 7keema’s team is always next to you to sustain you during the service is provided and avoid any inconvenience that could occur.

We guarantee a high-level service provided by our high-level nursing staff. We aim to add value and bring healthcare to a new whole level of proficiency.

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