Breast Cancer Symptoms & Causes, Her Challenge To Overcome

What’s life but successive challenges and victories in a row. And in a woman’s life, a special challenge could be threatening, breast Cancer, the illness that stands in a rival position for the women’s society in general, which is currently concerned the main threat women could face during their lives. Out of this importance, we dedicated this article to discuss this subject in detail.

Unfortunately, science hasn’t reached an easy cure for cancer; yes, of course,, we still can get a treatment and move on in our lives, though it has many a huge price to be paid. We have many techniques and ways of treatment, which have proved certain credibility and efficiency, but this efficiency is directly connected to the early diagnosis.

Talking about breast cancer, also early diagnosis matters. It’s actually the passcode to defeat such a disease. On its side, breast cancer symptoms could not be so obvious in its early stages; that’s why a periodic check-up is mandatory for everyone, especially women.

Breast Cancer symptoms are divided into stages classified from 0 to 4; 0 is the less critical.

Breast cancer stage 0:

It’s local cancer; it could be eradicated as soon as possible to prevent any complications, it’s easy to overcome.

Stage 1-3:

This stage is for invasive tumors, which can infect new tissues and diffuse through different body organs. The stage number reflects the criticality; the less, the easier to treat.

Stage 4:

It’s the tumor that could exceed the breast and diffuse around many other organs such as lungs and bones.

For instance, treating this stage is not that easy. Still, there’s a big hope regarding controlling its diffusion and living with it.


Home nursing could be a helpful tool to use and ask for to help breast cancer patients during their treatment process. A nurse could stick to the case at home, ordered from the 7keema home nursing application.


Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast Cancer Symptoms

There’re many breast cancer symptoms, between which developing a lump through breast tissues is the most common symptom; most of the time, it would be a benign lump. In fact, men and women are both subjected to such disease and symptoms, as men could also suffer from breast cancer symptoms and complications.

Breast cancer Symptoms vary between the following:

1-             Developing a lump in breast tissues or underarm, mainly painless.

2-             Breast swelling.

3-             Breast secretions, ejecting transparent fluids or a matter that’s similar to blood.

4-             Breast shape and color change, forming some wrinkles on the skin.

5-             Nipple retraction.

6-             Skin peeling around breast and nipple area.

7-             Feeling exhausted or weak all the time.

8-             Lymph nodes complex in the underarm area.

9-             Itchy skin around the breast area or skin sores with skin rash.

When one or more of these symptoms occur, a patient should head to a specialist doctor immediately, take the required tests to diagnose perfectly, and receive early and proper care, increasing the patient’s chances of overcoming it.


Breast Cancer Symptoms- Risk factors

Breast Cancer Causes

For instance, we’re still uncertain about the causes of breast cancer, as we can’t determine the cause of this kind of cancer accurately.

However, some many theories and possibilities could give us some explanations.

Talking briefly, breast cancer symptoms are developed due to unstable reproduction of breast cells; when the breast cells reproduce excessively, the problem starts.

On an alternative discussion, we can mention some risk factors for breast cancer symptoms:

1-             Hereditary factors: the breast cancer symptoms may be due to hereditary factors; in fact, it’s the main reason for almost 5-10% of the cases. This is due to two genes called BRCA 1 and BRCA 2.

2-             Genetic defects: it could also be due to some genes malfunction, happened before while receiving cancer treatment by radiation. Moreover, being subjected to hydrocarbons existing in tobacco and burnt meat could be a risk factor.

Breast cancer symptoms are probably developed in the milk-carrying tubes towards the nipples due to a DNA malfunction, as we mentioned. On the other side, many risk factors we can mention as follows:

–        Getting older, women over 40 are more subjected.

–        Medical history of cancer, whether it’s breast cancer or any other kind.

–        Early puberty.

–        Late menopause, after the age of 55, could be risky.

–        Obesity, you can check more details about its complications through this article.

–   Not working out periodically could be the main cause of many other diseases, such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

–        Smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks.

–        Avoiding breastfeeding.

–        Hormones disturbance.

In addition to many chronic diseases that could provoke many complications, between which breast cancer symptoms. Out of this point, home nursing could be the valid solution to help a patient control these diseases and receive proper care.

Moreover, home nursing is able to provide the right care to a cancer patient during treatment and help him out going through such hard times easily.


Breast Cancer Complications

If breast cancer symptoms are not treated and dealt with in an early time, it will lead to some more complications, even more, dangerous and fatal.

Between these complications, we can mention:

–        Consistent pain

–        Fake breast pain

–        Anatomical breast abnormalities

–        Week conscious

–        Axillary web syndrome

And the most fatal complication is that cancer starts to diffuse into many more body organs all around the body, forming tumors that could be more critical and dangerous. It could cause liver cancer, lungs cancer, bones cancer, and more.


Breast Cancer treatment


Is Breast Cancer Curable?

Breast Cancer Treatment

Providing the right treatment for breast cancer symptoms starts with the right diagnosis, determining the tumor stage (from 0-4), and setting the suitable treatment plan and procedures as follows.

Surgical Treatment

The tumor would be removed by surgery; in some cases and according to the doctor’s recommendations, some healthy tissues would be removed from around the tumor spots.

While some other cases could require, the whole breast would be eradicated, including tissues, skin, lymph nodes, fat tissues, and tubes. And it could also require removing both breasts even if the tumor exists in only one of them.

Post-surgery, the patient would go through a long recovery and rehabilitation to get back to normal life, which could be provided at home by home nursing services. 7keema offers a wide home nursing selection to provide the proper healthcare at home, including all that can be provided at a hospital.

Hormonal Therapy

Usually, this treatment precedes the surgery, as it helps reduce the tumor volume on a large scale, facilitating the removal process.


Chemotherapy aims to destroy the cancer cells to reduce the tumor volume in an obvious way. Yet, it’s mainly used after the tumor removal process to prevent forming new tumors again in the future, whether in breast tissues or any other organ.

Chemotherapy is widely known for its extreme side effects that make the patient unable to have a normal life as before, which could be contained and controlled easily when asking for help from a home nursing provider.

Home nursing services would be able to deal with cancer patients, provide them the care they need, and maintain the chemotherapy complications and side effects.


It’s done by exposing the tumor or the infected spot to some powerful radiation waves to kill any corrupted cells.

Most probably, this way of treatment is used after the whole breast eradication surgery and if the cancer cells have already reached the lymph nodes. Ironically, radiotherapy itself could be a cancer cause in the future.

Like chemotherapy, radiotherapy also has many side effects that could vaguely affect the patient’s life. On its side, home nursing can contain such complications and help the patient overcome these symptoms. 7keema for home nursing services can provide a staying nurse through the home shifts service.

Breast Cancer perevnation

How to Prevent Breast Cancer?

 Under the shadow of our ignorance of breast cancer symptoms causes, we can not be totally sure how to prevent it.

However, some advice and recommendations could help live healthily and reduce the risk of developing breast cancer symptoms.

–        Follow a healthy diet.

–        Keep a healthy weight and shape.

–        Avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks.

–        For new mothers, breastfeeding is highly recommended.

And the golden recommendation will always be to have a check-up periodically, with a time span of 6 months if possible, which is meant to detect any abnormality, and breast cancer symptoms

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