Low Blood Pressure, how to deal with it?
The human body has a complicated operating system. Our hearts are responsible for pumping out the blood all over the body.
Everybody organ needs blood-rich oxygen to act normally and do its job, which depends on the blood pressure and the amount of blood reaching each organ.
However, so many people worldwide could be suffering from abnormal blood pressure, whether higher or lower than the normal range.
It has so many causes, but mainly it happens due to:
Age, every age stage has its own normal range.
Habits and lifestyles of each community and country.
If there’re any chronic diseases.
Daily routine and lifestyle for each individual.


What’s the normal blood pressure range?

As we said, it varies between every age stage. But generally, for adults, it would be measured by two numbers as 120 mmHg and 80 mmHg to be considered as the perfect blood pressure.
Blood pressure consists of two conditions, systolic and diastolic.
The higher number represents the systolic blood pressure, while the lower one represents the diastolic. And it could vary from 100 to 140 for the systolic and from 60 to 100 for the diastolic and still considered within the normal range.
In standard cases, pregnant women do not face any blood pressure problems except if they have any chronic diseases or blood vessel problems.
In some cases, if the patient is within the elderly age range, he could need some special treatment and maybe ask for home nursing services.
Or even for any age stage, home nursing services also could be considered to get a specialist for blood pressure measurement or any other health care need.


normal blood pressure instructions

How to keep blood pressure within normal range?

No doubt, keeping blood pressure within the normal range is an essential thing for living.
Some simple instructions could help you keep it regular:
Eat healthy.
Daily workout and physical practice.
Quit smoking and alcohol drinking.
Limit caffeine intake through café or any other drinks.
Avoid excessive salty food.
Keep body weight within normal range and avoid obesity.


What’s Low blood pressure? Is it more dangerous than high blood pressure?

Low Blood Pressure is a symptom of an abnormal circumstance through blood pumping.
Low blood pressure cannot be considered a disease; it’s typically caused due to different other health issues, mainly heart-related.
In comparing high and low blood pressure, people think that having a low measurement is not that dangerous as the high one.
For instance, it’s as dangerous as high blood pressure and could cause some severe complications.
When the systolic pressure is less than 90 mmHg, and the diastolic is less than 60 mmHg, it would be considered a low blood pressure condition.
It starts to cause some apparent symptoms such as feeling dizzy or even losing consciousness.
That’s why it should be considered as necessary as the high blood pressure and treated properly.


Low Blood causes

Low Blood Pressure Causes:

It’s more common for people with chronic diseases to suffer from low blood pressure.
However, there’re so many factors that could cause low pressure, such as:
Bleeding, internal or external bleeding will obviously cause losing an immense blood amount.
Pregnancy, in some cases, pregnant women would suffer from low pressure, especially when they have chronic diseases.
Heart issues, it could be caused due to heart failure or a genetic flaw.
Endocrine problems, which could affect the blood sugar percentage and cause diabetes and low blood pressure.
Workout without having a sufficient meal.
Dehydration, losing a considerable amount of water could affect the blood viscosity and pressure.
Blood Circulation Dysfunction, which directly leads to low blood pressure and numbness of the limbs.


Low Blood Pressure Symptoms:

In addition to feeling dizzy and losing consciousness, the patient could also suffer from:
Pain throughout the upper part of the back and neck.
Feeling exhausted.
Pain in chest and breath shortness.
Blurred vision.
Extreme feeling of thirst.
These symptoms should not be ignored, and a doctor visit is a must to avoid any complications.


Low Blood Pressure Complications

 Low pressure could reduce the amount of oxygen reaching out the body organs, preventing them from performing usually.
In severe cases, it could cause damages to the brain or the heart cells and lead the patient into a coma.
That’s why you should head directly to a doctor.


how to perevent

How to Prevent Low Blood Pressure?

 Few simple steps through your daily life could help you out:
Do not rush while standing up; make it gradually.
Do not stay in one position for a long time.
Eat salty food.
Crossing legs position could help increase blood pressure.
Drink enough water amount daily.
Eat several small meals all over the day.
Do not be exposed to hot water for a long time.
Keep your head in an upper position while sleeping.
Avoid heavy weights lifting.


Low Blood Pressure Treatments


 To treat such an illness, you should visit a doctor.
As we mentioned before, it’s a symptom, not a disease. Therefore, a doctor will be able to check and recommend the right medicine and way of treatment to deal with the leading causes.
However, if the patient’s condition isn’t stable, a home nursing service would help him out through his treatment process.

instructions to measure blood perssure

Instructions to get a correct blood pressure measurement

While trying to measure your blood pressure, there’re some instructions to do to get an accurate measurement.
You should be sitting on a right-angle chair.
Avoid smoking and caffeine intake at least one hour before the measurement.
Do not try to measure after any physical activity or workout.
The best timing of measuring blood pressure is in the morning before breakfast or at night after receiving all your medicines.
Lay down and relax for at least 5 minutes before the measuring.
Connect the device directly to the arm.
Make sure your arm is at the same level as your heart.
Fix your daily measurement timing.
Take two measurements per minute. Usually, the second one is more accurate.


Finally, low blood pressure is a major problem that could be controlled in a perfect way. Do not hesitate to visit a doctor when you have any of the symptoms of low blood pressure, and consider changing some of your daily habits to live healthy.
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