8 Ways To Slow Down Alzheimer’s Progression

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the diseases that hit the whole family, not only the patient; while science has no cure for such disease, but many ways that you could apply to a patient that aims to slow down the disease progression.

Throughout this article, we aim to give a concentrated capsule, explaining how to provide the best care for Alzheimer’s disease patients and learn the main techniques that could be used to slow down its progression.

Despite that, an Alzheimer’s disease patient would act abnormally, which makes it harder to contain and deal with, yet there’re many acts and instructions to follow that make it applicable to slow it getting worse.

In fact, these ways and techniques are well tried and experienced, which makes them highly recommended and massively efficient. On the other side, it makes it possible to provide a home care service that applies such techniques.

We dedicated this article precisely to show you the case, and explain how to care for Alzheimer’s disease patients through a few clear steps, whether you provide it by yourself or using a homecare service.

Correspondingly, we’re going to show many ways and techniques to care elderly at home in general and explain how elderly care at home could be sufficient to deal with geriatric diseases & signs in general and Alzheimer’s disease specifically.

Therefore, we recommend continuing to read the following lines to increase your knowledge and awareness or to care for an Alzheimer’s patient yourself.

How to care for an Alzheimer’s disease patient?  


Let Them Practice


1- Ensure They Workout Daily 

Against any mindset that assumes the elderly wouldn’t be sport butterflies, in fact, they should do so. Many pieces of training and workout exercises suit high ages and Alzheimer’s disease patients in particular, which help refresh the body muscles and activate blood circulation.

But how workouts and Alzheimer’s disease are related?

According to many studies and research, routine workout exercise at a younger age could lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 50%. That is what you would probably stick to in general to keep a healthy weight, avoid obesity and diabetes, and maintain healthy blood pressure levels, yet, Alzheimer’s disease can also be related.

In general, this concerns Alzheimer’s prevention, so how could this be useful to slow down the disease progression?

According to many studies and research, workout or physical exercise, in general, has a major role to play regarding Alzheimer’s disease, as it has been proved that it could be a factor slowing down the progression of the symptoms.

You can help Alzheimer’s patients by letting them practice any sort of physical exercise on a daily basis, which could not exceed 20 minutes per session. Of course, there’s no harm if it’s longer. This training would help strengthen the heart muscle, make blood circulation healthier, and gain the patient more muscle mass. As per many studies, gaining more muscle mass would help out keeping high brain functions.

It could be a little bit challenging for some people to imagine how the elderly could have a daily physical exercise session. Yet, it would be best if you offered such a thing to your elderly parents or relatives. Not to mention how a home care service would help you out by providing you with a specialist who gets how it could be offered.

In fact, you order home care no matter what you need through 7keema’s home nursing mobile application.


Help Them Socialize


2- Help Them Involve Into Social Activities 

It’s massively essential that you make the patients feel they still have an effect and that they can participate in their community.

Of this point, it’s also recommended that you keep the connection between the Alzheimer’s patients. It would be best if you tried to keep their friends and relatives in touch as they used to be.

Naturally, humans are social creatures, even if some of us would prefer to be alone for some time, yet the need to be surrounded by your family, friends and beloved ones is always arousing. The same happens for the elderly. Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t stop such need or make it unreachable.

As a matter of fact, when you provide Alzheimer’s patients with their beloved ones and keep them in touch, you’re helping them connect with the whole world around them.

Therefore, you can help Alzheimer’s disease patients through a few tips, between which we can mention the following:

– Encourage them in social volunteering activities.

– Suggest they join a social club, or at least ensure they keep in touch with their old friends.

– Try to convince them to practice sport or any kind of physical exercise as mentioned before, but within a group.

– Introduce them to neighbors, and help them to involve and deal with their environment.

– Schedule for them a weekly gathering with their old friends and colleagues.

– Suggest them go out more frequently and take them for walks in public gardens.

– Help them practice their usual hobbies, and seek to create new ones, such as musical instruments playing or certain type of interesting sport if possible.

The things that make the big difference could be concluded into only being connected with their beloved ones, family members, and friends, especially sons and daughters. An emotional rush could help to be in a focus state due to sharing memories and previous experiences.

Out of these needs, 7keema can provide homecare customized for the elderly and, more specifically, for Alzheimer’s disease patients. This kind of homecare provides an elderly sitter, specializes in senior needs, and is highly experienced.

The home care service provider should know how to deal with Alzheimer’s disease, offering them what they really deserve and need.


Serve Them Healthy Meals


3- Serve Them Healthy Meals

It’s always nice to be healthy; it’s better to follow a nutrition regime that provides your body with what is needed and avoids what can cause trouble. Nevertheless, for Alzheimer’s disease patients, it’s becoming more relevant and mandatory. In fact, many nutrition elements play a huge role in slowing down the disease progression.

Trying to explain how Alzheimer’s disease is working on blocking the connection between brain cells and nerve cells, which could slightly look like diabetes and many other chronic diseases. As a matter of fact, Alzheimer’s disease is sometimes called brain diabetes, highlighting the role of food intake and nutrition elements consumed by the patient concerning the disease progression.

To be more practical, here you go with some main tips that you can help a patient with to help keep symptoms under control as long as they could be:

– Encourage them to lose any extra weight or help them avoid obesity. And better yet, help yourself with the same tip to avoid the disease from its roots; as per many studies, being obese or overweight during youth time or in middle age could increase Alzheimer’s risk.

– Reducing the amount of sugar they consume daily and cutting it out is even better. High blood sugar levels would negatively impact brain cells, which could worsen the case.

– Here is a tip that could be useful in all ways, you and your beloved Alzheimer’s patient would better follow a Mediterranean diet, this nutrition system is very common in many Mediterranean countries, and it’s based on seafood, vegetables, fruits, and whole seeds such as oats, and using more olive oil, and less processed food.

– Provide them with more healthy fats, never saturated fats. These elements are normally rich in omega 3, which positively impacts brain health. You can find such elements in many foods, mainly fish, like tuna, salmon, and sardine, in addition to nuts.

– Make sure they get antioxidants, which you can provide through vegetables and fruits.

– Cook for them at home to guarantee a fresh and healthy meal.

For the record, you can get professional help through 7keema by asking for an elderly home care provider to ensure the patient follows a healthy diet. Not to mention how a home care provider could help you care for them while you’re at work or busy.


Stimulate Their Mental Ability - Copy

4- Stimulate The Mental Ability of Alzheimer’s patient

When you deal with an Alzheimer’s disease patient, you should include many mental activities in their daily routine and share such activities with them yourself to create a bond. Moreover, you also could try to encourage them to learn more new things and hobbies and stimulate their ability to multitask.

You can be a part of their refreshing mental process, whether by yourself or by using a home care service, through these following activities:

– Set their minds to learn new things, languages, or hobbies, which gives a refreshing boost to brain cells.

– Let them practice something fun and interesting in one way and another.

– There’re many remembering techniques that you can make them learn and use to remember names and faces. For instance, you can help them develop a sentence in which each word’s first letter refers to something to be remembered.

– Play riddles and mystery games along with them, which help refresh their mental ability.

– Help them do something new, such as taking a new way home or helping them use the not dominant hand during eating meals.

When you ask for an elderly home care service, you’ll have a professional provider who will take care of all these activities and make sure Alzheimer’s disease patient is always in a good mental state. You can ask 7keema to provide such homecare easily.


Help Them Have Enough Sleep Amounts - Copy


5- Ensure Them A Quality Sleep 

Having a good night of sleep would help evict many toxic substances from the brain, which could only happen during deep and quiet sleep.

Moreover, many studies have marked a relation between having good sleep at night and Alzheimer’s disease symptoms severity.

Accordingly, you can help out the patient by having a deep and quiet sleep through some tips, between which we can mention the following:

– Help them stick to certain bedtimes.

– Don’t let them use the bed other than to sleep. They should be hanging around all day, far away from it.

– Make the perfect atmosphere for a good night’s sleep; a warm shower and soft music would do the work.

– In case of insomnia, have a 20-minute reading session; it helps to go into a deep sleep.


Deal With Their Stress


6- Handle Their Stress

Being subjected to stress for a long time triggers Alzheimer’s disease symptoms progression. Not to mention how stress would lead to many other diseases with many more complications.

Therefore, you should make sure that the Alzheimer’s disease patient is in a stable mental and psychological state, which’s guaranteed through elderly home care provided by 7keema.

On your side, many techniques can help you handle their stress and guide you to maintain their mental health, one of which is to provide a sitter with the patient all day long, whether through a home care service or one of the family members.

Whenever your Alzheimer’s patient feels stressed or overwhelmed, you can help them by the following:

– Deep breath, let them take a deep breath, release it with relaxing, it helps to lose a lot of stress.

– Put a meditation, relaxing, and stretching time along their daily schedule.

– Encourage them to keep their prayers and worship rituals. It helps grow their inner peace and overcome stress.

– Make what pleases them on the top of your priorities, and ensure they do something they like or have fun with.

– Keep up the humor, fun times, and sense of humor to help limit the patient’s stress.

On its side, 7keema offers a specialized home care service to maintain Alzheimer’s disease patients, including stress management and more. You can have it just by a button click.


Periodic Checkup


7- Always Checkup 

Making checkups more frequent makes it easier to find any abnormality early and deal with it easier; for Alzheimer’s disease patients, this becomes a priority.

It’s mainly to check on blood vessel state, ensuring blood pressure is controlled.

In fact, blood vessels play a big role in heart health and brain cells as well. For instance, a bad blood vessel condition would lead to a quicker Alzheimer’s symptoms progression. Not to mention how high blood pressure could lead to Alzheimer’s disease if not taken care of at an early age.

Therefore, it’s recommended to follow these tips: 

– Check blood pressure readings daily.

– Avoid meals that can cause a high increase in blood pressure.

– Ensure that blood pressure is not low as well.

– Keep tracking their cholesterol levels.

– Don’t let them smoke under any condition.

Providing suitable homecare for Alzheimer’s disease patients would help track and monitor their health updates and deal immediately with what could urge. For instance, homecare includes monitoring blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes progression. Ask for proper homecare through 7keema’s application.


Ensure Family Presence


8- Better With Family 

People tend to be with the ones they love and use their company; try not to change that. In fact, the presence of family could help decrease Alzheimer’s disease progression.

Out of this point, it becomes clearer why homecare could be the best option, which 7keema offers through elderly care service. It won’t be challenging you anymore. Having your own life and caring for your parents it’s the perfect balance maker.









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