About 7keema
7keema is a mobile application that provides on-demand home-based nursing services which covers multiple nursing dimensions with a main objective in mind as taking care of you and your beloved ones.
Since founded, 7keema is paying a huge effort to both nursing and technology sectors As a result we are now known as the no.1 mobile application in home nursing in Egypt.

Our Services

Quick Services

We provide personal, therapeutic care (Intramuscular, intravenous, fluid transfusion, oral medication) depending on the levels of nurses’ profession.

Elderly Care

We provide personal, therapeutic, hygiene and psychological care through supporting daily activities for patients depending on the level of nurses’ profession.

Catheter / Ryle

We provide highly-trained nurses depending on their profession level for installation and removal of urinary catheter and Ryle.

Home Shift

We provide therapeutic or personal care for patients and people with special needs up to 24 hrs. or 12 hrs. depending on the level of nurses’ profession.

Wound Care

We provide diabetic foot, bed sores, postoperative wounds care depending on the level of nurses’ profession.

Child Care

We provide therapeutic, personal care for mothers, infants and babies depending on the level of nurses’ profession.

VR Vaccination For Kids

In 7keema, we came up with a solution which we called “Vaccino” it is a triple pain management solution Vaccino integrates virtual reality, vibration and cooling bands to control pain during injection.
Why 7keema ?
  • Wide range of services offered
  • Reliable, quick and of a high-quality
  • Highly-trained nurses of both genders
  • Choose between 3 levels of nursing (Nursing specialist, nursing technician, nursing aide)
  • Request immediately or schedule an appointment for a later time .
  • Competitive prices traded off best quality level
  • Usable app, trustworthy and safe app
  • ISO 9001 certified as we stick to the international standards of healthcare quality
  • Trained providers on both communication and home etiquettes
  • Excellent Customer service representatives on a call to help

7keema’s mission is to be the best choice when it comes to home nursing services in Egypt as we aim to connect thousands of both users and registered/licenced nursing staff through 7keema’s mobile application We guarantee our patients a unique experience through providing a high-quality nursing services covering wide scale of nursing services also we are ISO 9001 certified, as we stick to the international standards of healthcare quality and infection control

7keema’s vision is to be on the no.1 on-demand mobile application all over the Middle East region. We are adapting the fastest and newest technology to deliver a service with a high-quality, and professional nursing team.