More than Just a Nurse!

Wondering what is the glue that keeps any healthcare system together? You guessed right! They are nurses!

Patients and their families never forget how nurses treated them; as their job doesn’t stop at taking vital signs or updating patient records. They always do more thanexpected.

Basically, nurses are educators and advocate; they master the art of educating their patients about their disease and how they supposed to treat their bodies. Most importantly, they know how to support their patients when they are not even emotionally stable.

I’ll cross some lines over here and I’ll allow myself to tell you a story I lived, it was  about a nurse who I will never forget and how she supported me during my hard time. When I was a bit younger at my sixteen’s, I felt shocked knowing that my father has cancer. I didn’t know what I am supposed to do and what I should tell my father back then. That nurse gave me her precious time and supported me with her caring soul and words and how to fight with my father instead of just sitting and crying. She taught me how to be strong enough and not just for myself but for my family and my beloved ones.

So next time when you are at a hospital or dealt with our staff of nurses through 7keema, remember they are more than just nurses! They are blessings from the sky.