• 7keema is Egypt’s No.1 on-demand home nursing app.
  • In 7keema, we offer a variable range of nursing services as you can make whether instant or scheduled requests.
  • 7keema provides the best market service quality at the most competitive price.
  1. Download 7keema mobile app from any of the following links:
    For Android devices: https://bit.ly/7keemaAndroid
    For iOS devices: https://bit.ly/7keemaapple
  2. Choose between a wide range of service
  3. Choose between different levels of service providers (nursing specialist, nursing technician, nursing aide)
  4. Request immediately or schedule an appointment for later
  5. Review your service to help us improve

For any further help, please feel free to contact our support team at or contact us on: https://bit.ly/2SUT2Sbl

  • 7keema’s mission is to be the best choice when it comes to home nursing services in Egypt; as we aim to connect thousands of both users and registered/licensed nursing staff through 7keema’s mobile application.
  •  We guarantee our patients a unique experience through providing a high-quality nursing services covering wide scale of nursing services; also we are ISO 9001 certified, as we stick to the international standards of healthcare quality and infection control.
  • 7keema’s vision is to be on the no.1 on-demand mobile application all over the Middle East region.
  • We are adapting the fastest and newest technology to deliver a service with a high-quality, and professional nursing team.
  1. Quick services
    (All kind of injections, IV infusion, Canola, Enema, Catheter/ Ryle removal)
  2. Elderly Care
    Nurse aid provides care up to 24hrs.
    Nursing specialist or nursing technician provides care up to 12hrs.
  3. Catheter
    Ryle/ Catheter installation
  4. Home shift services up to 12hrs
  5. Wound care (Ostomy change, deep/ superficial wounds, diabetic foot)
  6. Child care
  7. Child vaccination

We have 3 main levels based on the educational background as following:


  1. Nursing specialist (Holder of a bachelor degree at nursing)
  2. Nursing technician (5-years diploma with a graduate experience)
  3. Nurse aid (Hands-on experience)
  • Yes. Users can also check the price estimation of each service before requesting based on the service duration and the provider level within the app.
  • Yes. We are offering 2 different types of packages; the first package is up to 15% discount on all services with only EGP6000 paid in advance to your wallet monthly. The second one is up to 20% discount with only EGP10, 000 paid in advance to your wallet.

If you are a licensed/registered or has hands-in working experience with passion to look for new job opportunities, 7keema is your best place.
In 7keema, we are looking for 3 different levels of nurses as following:

  • Nursing Specialist (Holder of a bachelor degree in nursing)
  • Nursing Technician (5-years diploma with a graduate experience)
  • Nurse aide (Hands-on experience)

In 7keema, we have a fair yet a quick hiring process to activate new provider as we start with both technical and soft skills interviews to determine the level of service that matches every provider.

On acceptance, we move the fulfillment of the legal documents which is mainly including:

  • Copy of a valid ID
  • Copy of the graduation certificate
  • Copy of the syndicate registration card
  • Copy of the profession practicing decoration
  • Copies of certificates of experiences and training courses received if available
  • Professional and highly-active team of nurses
  • 50% discount on our medical equipment rental
  • Discount coupons for other medical services to our partners
  • Awareness seminar sessions about common diseases
  • Reach out the best doctors in their specialization remotely for free
  • Hour/monthly outsourcing agreements through providing corporate with different levels of nurses staff

Know more about us & offers by reaching our live chat support at
or request for a meeting at

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