YES! GRAPRES can prevent Alzheimer’s

The cause of Alzheimer’s disease is not yet fully understood, but believed to be a combination of genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors.

A recent study at the University of California looked whether eating grapes can fight the effect of Alzheimer’s disease. The research was led by Dr. Daniel H. Silverman, who worked with people with early memory decline.

They broke the volunteers into 2 groups, one that received whole grape powder and another that received a placebo powder that looked and tasted like the grape powder.

The study results showed that the “grape group” had positive changes in brain metabolism improved performance of the working memory. Also, Grape polyphenols help promote antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. Research suggests that grapes may help support brain health by working in multiple ways, from reducing stress in the brain to promoting healthy blood flow.

So, keep eating grapes every day will preserve healthy metabolism, prevent decline of brain metabolism, and improve both memory and attention.

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The Technical Institute

The technical institute of nursing in Dakhlya and 7keema are teaming up for a new mission: providing home-nursing services with the highest- quality, creating new opportunities for nursing students and reaching more cities in Egypt.

Gamal Shiha, the Chairman of the board of trustees of the technical institute of nursing associated to the Egyptian Liver Foundation, recently met a cooperation protocol with 7keema, headed by Chairman of the board “Amr Bakr” to leverage the quality and processes of home-nursing all over Egypt.

The two sides agreed on ways of cooperation to provide training, scientific seminars and training courses; as 7keema committed to develop the technical support of the electronic services and carrying out technical trainings for nursing students, especially in the elderly care field.

On the other side, the institute of nursing is responsible for holding trainings on Basic Life Support to the nurses who joined 7keema’s application, and providing 7keema with the best educational training processes to ensure the quality of services provided.

This promising cooperation will result in creating job and training opportunities for nursing students by supporting them through intensive trainings and courses to reach the quality needed. As well as, expanding in the numbers of nurses in Egypt will result in expanding to more cities besides Cairo and Giza, to provide people with a variety of home-nursing services.

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