7keema Healthcare Digital Transformation Program
How Do We See Healthcare in the Coming Few Years?

As a pioneer in HealthTech industry in Egypt; we believe that digital transformation will be a must in the upcoming few years and healthcare delivery is being massively disrupted by new technology. Healthcare institutions and hospitals that will not adopt technology will lose their markets for sake of their competitors. Technology adds the following advantages for the healthcare providers:

  • Prestigious positioning and business barrier
  • Better Patient engagement and hence satisfaction
  • Better visibility, branding, and Marketing
  • Access to markets beyond the current physical market through online triage and consultation.
  • Encourage the medical tourists’ acquisition.
  • Improve the cash collection and management through online payments
  • Maximize the utilization of resources.
    Improve patient retention
How to Get Ready for This?

The answer is 7keema’s Program for HC Digital Transformation as 7keema will select 20 hospitals and healthcare institutions in both Egypt and Nigeria to help them build their own digital platform that will take them much distance a head in the market and create role models for other healthcare providers.

Solution Brief

Our solution is basically a mobile and web applications for 100% fully automated and digitized system. Solution covers:

  • AI Chabot triage
  • Tele-Medicine, online doctor’s consultation
  • On-Demand Doctor home visits
  • Online clinic booking
  • Customer service live chat
  • Online payment gateway
For those who don’t know about 7keema so far, what is 7keema?

7keema is Joint Stock Company (Al Hakeema for Health) started in April 2017 and incorporated in October 2017 after achieving a breakthrough as a new startup at that period. 7keema started at a market value of EGP 700,000 and now it’s estimated to be EGP50,000,000 in less than 2 years.

7keema (pronounced as Hakeema) is a technology enabled nursing services company. We deploy different available technologies to enhance the accessibility and quality of healthcare services in Egypt, Africa, and Middle East. We collaborate with patients, families, doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies to propose common values that feed to the concept of continuum of care and quality of life for seniors.

7keema started with a marketplace for verified, licensed registered nurses who are able to serve patients and seniors at their own homes and are booked easily with a tap of bottom on a mobile application. Then we adopted the artificial intelligence technology to build a Chabot nursing triage that checks patients’ symptoms and suggest for them the required level of care and guide them to the nearest medical center/hospital. 7keema also will introduce soon the tele-nursing services for health education, triage, or Patients Support Programs. Moreover, 7keema has also developed Vaccino which is a triple innovative solution for pain management during children injecting based on Virtual Reality technology.

We read minds!!

Come and have a look at what’s most probably in your head right now.


1. What are the main dimensions of your solution?

A mobile and web applications integrated platform that supports AI Chabot triage, online doctor’s consultation, on-Demand Doctor home visits, online clinic booking, customer service live chat and finally online payment gateway

2. How much time will it take you to deliver this solution?

Our solution can be implemented within maximum 30 working days of MOU signing date

3. Do you provide solution’s training after implementation?

Definitely, our training team will make sure to deliver all what is needed to guarantee a smooth handing-over.

4. Do you provide solution’s support after implementation?

Yes, a separate annual support contract can be agreed on after implementation.

5. Is there any chance to integrate your solution to our HIS?

Yes, our solution can be easily integrated with most of popular HISs

6. Is this solution customizable? Can I ask for some extra features?

Yes, customization is available according to different business needs and strategic directions of each organization. So, customizations can be managed within a separate contract.

7. How much will it cost us?

As an early bird, 7keema is offering 75% discount for the first 5 organization in both Egypt and Nigeria which gives our solution a very competitive price at $3,000.

8. Is my organization qualified for this program?

To know more about our selection criteria, please email us at info@7keema.com  Also feel free to call us at +2 01208887700/+20222835154 or simply fulfill the form below and we’ll contact you back the soonest