Why to cooperate with 7keema ?

7keema is one of the most promising companies specialized in home nursing in Egypt. Our mission is to provide you with the best and highly-trained staff of registered nurses.

In 7keema, there are 3 profession’s levels of nurses you can select from to provide care for your patients.

  • Nursing specialist (a holder of a bachelor degree in nursing)
  • Nursing technician (with a 5-year diploma and a graduate experience.
  • Nursing aide with a hands-on experience.

Our Services

Quick services

We provide personal, therapeutic care (intramuscular, intravenous, fluid transfusion, oral medications) depending on the levels of nurses' profession.

Elderly care

We provide personal, therapeutic, hygiene and psychological care through supporting daily activities for patients depending on the levels of nurses'profession.


We provide highly-trained nurses depending on their profession's level for installation and removal of urinary catheter.

Home shift

We provide therapeutic or personal care for patients and people with special needs up to 24hrs or 12hrs depending on the levels of nurses'profession.

Wound care

We provide diabetic foot, bed sores, postoperative wounds care depending on the levels of nurses'profession.

Child care

We provide therapeutic, personal care for mothers, infants and babies depending on the levels of nurses'profession.

VR Vaccination for kids

In 7keema, we came up with a solution which we called “Vaccino”; it is a triple pain management solution. Vaccino integrates virtual reality, vibration and cooling bands to control pain during injection.

Benefits of co-operation with 7keema:


Professional and highly-active team of nurses

50% discount on our medical equipment rental

Discount coupons for other medical services to our partners

Awareness seminar sessions about common diseases

Reach out the best doctors in their specialization remotely for free

Hour/monthly outsourcing agreements through providing corporate with different levels of nurses staff

Know more about us & offers by reaching our live chat support or request for a meeting