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Egyptian Healthcare Start-ups and Private Sector Partners Launch “One4All” Initiative to Help Fight the Coronavirus

Cairo, Egypt. Monday, March 23, 2020

With growing concerns around the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, a group of Egyptian healthcare start-ups have partnered with top private sector leaders and a number of healthcare professionals within Egypt and abroad, to launch the “One4All” Initiative to collectively provide their services to the nation during this unprecedented time. Nancy Hadi, CEO and Founder of IBIS, the PR arm of the initiative said, “it is essential for the private sector to join forces with the public sector to help our nation fight the coronavirus pandemic and the nation-wide Initiative will support the government’s on-going public awareness campaign to inform the public and help stop the spread of the virus”.  This initiative will also provide a number of other important public services including; offering the public access to online Coronavirus services, whether through COVID-19 risk assessment chatbot or live counseling/triage sessions as both are available on 7keema mobile app free of charge. PasHakeem, one of the start-up partners, will also provide online coronavirus counseling by professional doctors through their own app using promocode “One4All”.


The triage sessions are especially important because they will help screen cases and direct patients to seek emergency medical care but ONLY if necessary. This will help reduce the strain on our healthcare system. As part of this initiative, partners will also provide free coronavirus infection control inside healthcare settings for doctors and nurses through-out Egypt. Almost all of these free services and trainings will be offered through the use of modern technology like video-conference tools and mobile applications. Dr. Amr Bakr, CEO of 7keema, one of the start-ups leading this initiative, stated that “this initiative is our way of giving back to our nation during this very difficult time”.


7keema is offering using the promo-code “One4All” for the public to receive free live counseling/triage service. The service will be delivered through video and audio conference tools over 7keema app. These sessions will be conducted by professionally trained senior nurses who will be available 24/7 to answer any questions or address any concerns from the public and also guide them to seek the appropriate healthcare service level. Wellness and safety are our initiative’s highest priorities, and as such we have launched a ‘free COVID-19 risk assessment triaging’ chatbot. Through the use of modern technology we will take users through a short journey using robust symptoms checking algorithm to determine the severity of their case while providing the best recommendations for each case compliant with WHO, CDC and Egyptian MOHP guidelines.


Dr. Bakr stated that, “The crisis we are currently facing as a nation because of Coronavirus has both a very significant human dimension and a potentially major economic impact. Therefore, it is essential that we act decisively and collectively, to contain the spread of the virus and help all patients, and to counter the economic fallout as part of 7keema’s social responsibility”.